June 10, 2013

Dont stay at the Double Tree Hotel at Dana Point!

We saved for 2 months to stay at the Double Tree at Dana Point for our anniversary. I was so excited for a weekend away. Upon arrival, we thought the outside of the hotel looked pretty nice. For that kind of money, you should get what you pay for. When we checked in, we found that our room was not facing the ocean, but rather, the railroad tracks in the back of the hotel. We were located on the ground floor, room 105, right outside the lobby. The room was painted a horrible yellow and I instantly felt claustrophobic. We decided if we kept the patio door open, it might not be so bad. Then, to our surprise, we heard dogs barking....constantly. They put a couple with 2 small dogs right next to us. What??? Then, that very same couple decided to park their truck right in front of our patio door. Did I mention that was a fire lane? No view, no privacy, and no help from the staff when we called to complain. Needless to say, we survived the night and checked out a day early.

First of all, when you have guests with dogs you need to put them in an area together. Second, NO ONE should be allowed to park in a fire lane, and third, when you put people who picked your hotel because it is across the street from the beach, you should let them know they will be facing the Metrolink tracks. Which, by the way, had a train going by every hour it seemed. With no the privacy, the dogs barking, and the horrible view, they should have paid ME to stay there.

I plan on fighting the charge on my credit card. My reason, false advertising. They ruined our weekend and we are out $235 dollars. Did I mention they charge $22 a night for parking? Dont stay at the Double Tree at Dana Point!