August 16, 2009

How to get out of your Supportkids/RJBA contract

I just received an e-mail from a former Supportkids employee. There is some interesting information you all need to know that may help in your fight to gain control of your child support. Here is a quote directly from the letter I received:

The fastest and easiest way to stop Supportkids is by pulling your change of address with the state. Almost every state, except TX hates SK and will do this over the phone. This also makes them crazy because it takes time for them to reinstate it. As long you continue to change it to your address there isn't much SK or RJBA can do about it.

That is easy to do. I did it by going directly thru my State's government website. It took about 5 minutes. This person also had some informative information about RJBA:

RJBA has never had any experience with child support in any way shape or form. They bought paper, with no clue what to do with it or how to enforce it. They are clueless with customer service, payment processing and enforcement and at the time I was there had no intentions of setting any of those departments up. They didn't even know what computer software SK was running or how to operate it. RJBA is a basic credit card collection agency, specilizing in 3rd party debt in a warehouse type office. There is not one employee who has any clue about Child Support and the laws!! They didn't hire me, thankfully, and I have experience with the very paper they bought, so who did they hire? They couldn't have had many who applied who actually worked with SK and had my experience. I doubt they had any. I interviewed with them and in the interview, red flags were waving in my head.

The person that contacted me said she/he will answer questions about SK. I'm waiting to get an OK from this person to release the e-mail address.

I knew RJBA was a hoax. They didn't have a permit to collect child support when they took over. Its a shame that so many have fallen victim to their inexperience and lack of compassion for the cause. Not to mention, they are collecting 34% for a job that they have no idea how to do. I hope this enlightens the struggling custodial parents out there. Act fast and change your address. I wouldn't tell the DA that you were with SK. Tell them you are filing a change of address and see how it goes. They didn't ask me anything when I changed mine. I will keep you posted.

Thank you to the person that sent me the e-mail and requested to remain anonymous for legal reasons. Your e-mail was quite educational.


Bella said...

Debt collectors in NH are not required to be licensed, insured or bonded.

There is no laws in NH about Private agencies collecting Child Support.

Child support is almost every state becomes a judgment by operation of law, so the laws are totally different on that anyway.

Bella said...

This part is a guess on my part. Since a Child support order in arrears becomes a judgment by operation of law (again most states). Judgements can be bought and sold. This must be how SK is able to buy and sell the judgments. When you signed the contract you gave SK POA,(power of Attorney) which gave them the right to sell.

Gina said...

I saw the note about changing the address. I am in FL and they will not change anything until I prove to them that my contract has been terminated. I am now after 18 years getting checks but b/c I signed up with SK all the checks are going to them first. The first one took 30 days for me to get and they have another I am waiting for. They refuse to respond to me and are reviewing letting me out of mhy contract. I found out about you, from a reporter I emailed in Austin on Sunday! This is such a nightmare for me. I have filed a complaint with the BBB and written to both Attorney Generals for FL and TX. Does anyone else have any other suggestions.

Bella said...

What the heck county in Florida? Dont call the clerk of court or the toll free number. Call the actual DOR office in your county. Florida is the easiest state to deal with in every way!!

I cant believe they wont submit a coa for you. What happens if you move?

Bella said...

Florida law has changed and now requires us to send support payments electronically.

Choose Direct Deposit or Debit Card
You can choose how to get your child support payments.

Print the Child Support Payment Options form: (English) (Spanish)
Fill in the form, sign and date it
Mail it to the address listed on the form
If you do not make a choice, you will be sent a debit card. We no longer send paper checks.

Direct Deposit - Payments are automatically put into your checking or savings account

Florida Debit MasterCard® - You will receive a debit card. Payments are automatically put on your card. There are no fees except for cash withdrawals from ATMs. With the card you can:

Use at thousands of locations
Get cash and make purchases
Call 1-877-567-1768 to answer your debit card questions
Get balance and account information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at*

La bell'anima said...

Gina, just out of curiousity, can you just print that direct deposit form and send it in. Don't call anyone, just send it in and see if they change it. I'm through Indy and I've been going through a ton of crud with them too and it seems that anytime I call, I get a completely different response than the last person I talked to. Can't hurt to try it. And then just change your address /direct deposit info again and again.

There's an article in the statesmen now about SK being bought by a new support company. Could you show them that as proof that SK isn't your provider? Show them that RJB hasn't sent you your money. That's illegal to withhold it.

File with the NH AG's office. You can do it online and RJB has to respond. I'm sure the NH office is getting pretty tired of the complaints so at some point the more complaints they get the more problems they are going to create for RJB. Good luck

Gina said...

Wow, thank you so much for all the info. I am in Pinellas County but my divorce took place in Hillsborough. I actually did the DD form and sent it in. It hasn't taken effect yet. So, I will see if that works. I will try the address change suggestion as well. Yes, I have been calling the 800 number and was told they can't change it. So, I will try the round about way you all have suggested.

I finally did get the check today, so that is progress. It only took two weeks as opposed to 1 month for the first one. And they didn't keep any money from it thank goodness. So, now I just hope the change takes place and then my only fight will be to let me out of the contract. I will keep you all posted on any progress!

Bella said...

You need to change NH law to include Child support Judgments into the credit and collections laws. Otherwise you are going to get no where with the AG, except aggravated.

Bella said...

Make sure you include a Revocation of Power of Attorney with your Change of Address. Here is a copy you can paste into a word dox and print. Sendit via certified mail to RJBA, SK, and the court where your order is filed.

Revocation of Power of Attorney
I, the undersigned

(Full legal name) ______________________________

(Identity number) ______________________________ residing at

(Address) ____________________________________


hereby revoke the Power of Attorney dated _____________________ and granted to

(Full legal name) ________________________________

(Identity number) ______________________________ residing at

(Address) ____________________________________


I hereby give notice to _____________________ (Agent listed in Power of Attorney) and all other interested parties that I withdraw every power and authority thereby given and declare the above Power of Attorney null and void and of no further force or effect.

Executed this ______ day of __________________20 ____

at ______________________________________

Signature: ________________________________

in the presence of the undersigned witnesses:

Witness 1.

Name: ______________________

Address: _____________________________________________

Signature: ________________________

Witness 2.

Name: ______________________

Address: _____________________________________________

Signature: ________________________


This document was acknowledged before me on this ______day of ____________________20__ by ________________________(Principal's Full legal name)

Signature of Notary Public ______________________

Full legal Name ______________________________

My commission expires ________________________

State of ________________________

County of ______________________

Lori said...

I asked Bella about the parents that dont get there money from the DA. Is there hope and here was her response:

That's where people are going to have problems, if SK found the employer and the state didnt. There is no way in hell sk is going to give up that information!!
But The Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act of 1996 (PRWORA) requires all states to adopt laws requiring employers to report information on newly-hired employees to the state child support agency. So if you know which state the NCP is in, then you can force an interstate action and get it that way.

Lori said...

And, did you know....straight from someone who worked for SK:

Once the contracted amount is paid you were supposed to get 100%. Here's the problem with that. The enforcers where in charge of updating the arrears balance. If the arrears balance is paid in full, we stopped getting paid for collecting. ( the fox in the henhouse) The second problem, for us honest ones, was the damn program to adjust the arrears balance required a PHD in mathmatics to do it, so we never bothered. Okay so they expected us to not only chop our paycheck but spend alot of time to do it... We were paid based on how much we collected, calculating arrears wasnt included.


There is a rumor going around that RJBA is sending out some bad checks to CP's. I honestly dont know how true this is, but I would appreciate a heads up that it was even a possiblity.

Anonymous said...

I have a question for the SK person...our contract "expired". We were one of the first persons that went to SK when it started. Our contract was for a stated amount and then went to a maintenance agreement that I could cancel at any time. I even called two years ago and verified it. They told me I could change the address with the court OR I could stay with them and they would continue to follow the NCP and make sure he continued to pay.

When I complained to the Banking Commission I reminded the woman that we had no contract - ours was expired and only on maintenenace. RjBA said that it wasn't true and that we "had a binding contract". We've already changed the address and are getting payments directly. We also have an attorney and he has written them a 10 day demand letter revoking power of attorney (notarized) with a demand for an accounting of payments and any supposed "contracts" (they even told him we were on contract).

So far nothing. Does RJBA even have the information or are they blowing smoke up people's butt? Did SK send the physical files? Why does RJBA think the maintenance agreements are contracts?

Bella said...

My understanding is the RJBA has the physical file along with the computer files. RJBA is clueless in this whole situation, so take their words with a grain of salt.

I can't express enough to EVERYONE who has allready changed your address with the state, PLEASE file a revocation of power of attorney. File it with the courts, the company who has your file and the State child support agency.

Until you do that, they will have the ability to change it back at will and order all of your court documents. You'll start all over again!!

jennifer said...

La bell,
I am having a heck of a time with Indiana. The State CS Office changed my address, but the County will not until I can prove that SK is no longer handling my CS. Here is the thing, they told me that RJB has sent them information stating that they are now handling my case. Porter County Clerks office is refusing to send anything to RJB because they are not able to provide adequate information to the county so Porter COunty is sending CS payments to SK and SK is sending them to RJB. When I informed Porter County about this they were not happy. I also informed them that RJB is nothing more than a collection agency, and Porter County said RJB is portraying themselves as a Law firm. I am at a loss, I have sent C&D letters to RJB, but still nothing. Any suggestions anyone????

Lori said...

Have you tried to put in a change of address? I didnt have to talk to anyone when I put in a change of address. I honestly dont know. I cant believe some states are being like that considering all the proof. SK really messed up people lives. As if we dont have enough to deal with. Im at a loss.

Ilias said...

not sure if you guys saw this, another person was able to get out of their contract.