March 31, 2009

Wordless Wednesday


Look what my son sent me from Iraq!

March 25, 2009

TT #90


13 things you shouldnt say to your girl

1. Yes, those pants make your butt look big.

2. Is it that time of the month?

3. That girl is hot!

4. How much did you spend?

5. How much do you weigh?

6. What did you do to your hair?

7. Is that a pimple?

8. Havent you had enough?

9. Is that what you're wearing?

10.My ex girlfriend/wife did it better (anything put into this spot is a no-no).

11.Im going to the strip club.

12.I'm just surfing for free porn, whats the problem?

13.This diet looks perfect for you......

March 23, 2009

Vitamin water...Friend or Foe?

I tried Vitamin water a couple months back because I watched a show about this stuff and they said it was fabulous. They stated that there were vitamins in every bottle. I didn't drink one every day, just once in a while. Last week, I bought some on sale and drank one daily. I developed a migraine by the second day. It was so intense, I ended up going to the doctor because I thought something was seriously wrong. She gave me a shot for pain and took me off work for the rest of the day. Not putting two and two together, I continued my ritual of drinking the Vitamin Water for 5 days straight. I chose different flavors for every day. When Friday came around and my headache was still there, I started to get scared. I tried to assess my week at a glance to see if I had done anything different. The only connection I had was the water.

I then read the ingredients. Do you know, most of them contain way over your daily recommended allowance of vitamin B? A friend of mine had an issue with being vitamin B deficient so I did some research about vitamin B toxicity. Migraine headaches were on the top of the list. I was also having weakness in my hands and when the doctor took my blood pressure, it was 102/70. That is a bit low. Those were also two other side effects to Vitamin B toxicity. Every morning when I get up, I take a multivitamin. I was topping this off with an abundance of the different forms of Vitamin B found in these drinks so my body started to rebel. I don't think people realize how dangerous vitamins can be when they aren't monitored. Also, I thought I was drinking a healthy water substitute. Come to find out, it has 125 calories and is filled with sugar. Not the best thing for a dieter. I'm not saying that this water is bad for everyone, but my body definitely put up a fight. Be sure to read your labels. If you start feeling like something is terribly wrong, start with the obvious first. That being said, I strongly recommend Propel. It tastes great and it isn't packed with a bunch of stuff that your body doesn't need. We get our daily vitamin B intake from the foods we eat. Taking a substitute isn't even necessary. No more vitamin anything for me except my trusty multivitamin daily. I've learned my lesson!


March 18, 2009

TT #89


13 things Im looking forward to this Summer

1. Swimming in our new pool.

2. My baby graduating from High School.

3. My oldest son coming home from Iraq.

4. Sunbathing by the pool.

5. A weeks vacation.

6. The remodeling on our house being complete.

7. Spending time with my man.

8. The party we are throwing for my sons graduation.

9. Did I say swimming in the pool?

10. Longer days.

11. BBQ's with family and friends.

12. Having central air for the first time in 6 years and not worrying about the 100+ temp outside.

13. Buying a new car.

March 16, 2009


I have read alot of different information on the Internet about Nutrisystems. Most people are bad mouthing their program. The only good thing Ive heard is that Marie Osmond lost 45 pounds. Some say its caused them hair loss, gallbladder issues, and basically that the food tastes like crap. I'm here to tell you the truth about my experience.

Is the food gourmet? No, its not. I have yet to taste any diet food that you would choose over regular food given the choice anyway. There are things I don't mind eating, and there are things I would never order again. I have found that choosing your own menu is the only way to go. I like the hamburgers the best, followed by most of the pasta dishes except spaghetti. That was gross. The lunches aren't bad but its gets old. Especially after 5 months. The plan works though. I'm down 42 pounds. No pain, no gain...right? As far as gallbladder issues, I haven't had any problems. Usually people who are extremely overweight (100 pounds or more, which wasnt my problem) tend to have problems with the gallbladder if they lose weight to fast. Case in point, gastric bypass. I did have one problem about 3 months ago but I have no idea if it had to do with the diet. I got a kidney stone. When I asked the Urologist if it was secondary to my diet, he said probably not because I hadn't been on the plan that long. However, I did start to consume massive amounts of water. That may have triggered the passing, no one really knows though.

The thing that scares me the most is gaining the weight back. I eat regular food on the weekend because I'm on the flexplan and I'm averaging about 2 pounds a week. I decided that if I start to gain any weight back after going off the plan, I will jump back on until my body stop rebelling. Ive heard the slower you lose, the better chance you have at keeping it off. I hope thats true. All in all, its a diet plan that works and a heck of alot easier than having surgery. When you are researching a plan to try, look into everything. Hear what others have to say and then make your choice. I do the same thing when I want to see a movie. I never listen to the critics, only the viewers because they are usually right. If losing weight was easy, we'd all be skinny. You just have to figure out what you can handle both physically and financially and go for it. Right?


March 10, 2009

Wordless Wednesday


Nutrisystem Tacos (even though they look like Tostados) with fat free cheese, lettuce, and tomato...Dinner!

March 5, 2009

We miss you Steven!


Dating and the single parent

When I got married 20 years ago, I thought it would be until death do us part. 2 kids and 7 years later, it didn't work out that way. You're thrown back into the dating scene with one change, now you have children to think about. I have met alot of men in my life, dated quite a few, and learned some hard lessons. There are alot of men that take advantage of single mothers. These are the guys that come into your life, put you up on a pedestal, and end up being unemployed. You never really think about it in the beginning. There are warning signs but you don't pay attention to them because he makes you feel special. That's just one example. Some men are married, some just looking for a good time, others that treat you like crap. It seems we tend to eat alot of crow because we are single mothers and want to be loved. With us comes alot of responsibility. Its usually easier to date a man with kids because they are a little more compassionate but not always. Bachelors at heart have a hard time converting to the family life. Dinner at 5, baths at 7, and in bed by 9. Mommy doesn't get her alone time until after the kids are in bed. By then, we are usually exhausted. Its a tough role but in the end rewarding.

In my life I have chosen a few "bad seeds." Only a few real regrets but it worked itself out. When your children get older it makes dating alot easier. Not because teenagers are easier to deal with but the babysitter issues doesn't come into play. We are put in the middle quite a bit and its a rough place to be. On the upside, you don't tend to put up with the crap from men that you use to when the kids were younger. You are alot more choosy. I think that's where the problem lies. It doesn't matter how old your kids are, you should always make the right choices. If the guy isn't willing to share you with your kids, move on. I had a guy take me to Disneyland once and didn't invite my kids. He was very self absorbed and immature. Being a parent makes you grow up so its alot easier to spot these men. Why? They act like your children. I'm not sure what the point to the post is except to say, men that take advantage of single mothers are dawgs and don't settle for second best because of your situation. There are way too many fish in the sea (too cliche'?). The Universe has a strange sense of humor sometimes but I honestly think what was meant to be will someday be. And just because you have babies, children, teenagers doesn't mean you shouldn't be with someone that makes you happy. Being a parent isn't a death sentence, its just means when you make a decision its for more than yourself. We all deserve to have fun, date, and find the right "one." Don't let being a single parent stop you from that. If there is a will, there is always a way!


March 2, 2009



My guilty pleasure of the week....Broccoli. My family and friends never thought there would come day that I would eat Broccoli, let alone love it. True, I had to do a spell check on the word because it wasn't in my vocabulary until about 2 months ago but man am I glad I gave it a second try. Not only does it taste good but there are only 19 calories in a serving. For those of us that are trying to lose weight (almost 40 pounds down now), this was a wonderful addition to the menu. My favorite way to eat it is steamed. I also think its cool the way it turns from a deep dull green into a beautiful shade of green when its cooked. Did you know this veggie is available all year round but is best from October to May?

Here are a few more reasons to add it to your diet.
Broccoli (one cup chopped) contains 90 percent RDA of vitamin A, 200 percent of vitamin C, 6 percent of niacin, 10 percent of calcium
, 10 percent of thiamine, 10 percent of phosphorus and 8 percent of iron. It also provides 25 percent of your fiber needs and to top it off, five grams of protein. Ive also heard it can help prevent cancer. If that isn't enough to make you want to become a lover, then I'm wasting my breath. I went from hating it to eating it at least 3 to 4 times a week. The only thing I don't care for is the smell while its cooking but hey, that's what Febreze is for right? So I confess, I have definitely gone over to the other side. Those of you who decided long ago that you would be a hater, I suggest trying it again. People change...Im proof of that!!!