March 2, 2009



My guilty pleasure of the week....Broccoli. My family and friends never thought there would come day that I would eat Broccoli, let alone love it. True, I had to do a spell check on the word because it wasn't in my vocabulary until about 2 months ago but man am I glad I gave it a second try. Not only does it taste good but there are only 19 calories in a serving. For those of us that are trying to lose weight (almost 40 pounds down now), this was a wonderful addition to the menu. My favorite way to eat it is steamed. I also think its cool the way it turns from a deep dull green into a beautiful shade of green when its cooked. Did you know this veggie is available all year round but is best from October to May?

Here are a few more reasons to add it to your diet.
Broccoli (one cup chopped) contains 90 percent RDA of vitamin A, 200 percent of vitamin C, 6 percent of niacin, 10 percent of calcium
, 10 percent of thiamine, 10 percent of phosphorus and 8 percent of iron. It also provides 25 percent of your fiber needs and to top it off, five grams of protein. Ive also heard it can help prevent cancer. If that isn't enough to make you want to become a lover, then I'm wasting my breath. I went from hating it to eating it at least 3 to 4 times a week. The only thing I don't care for is the smell while its cooking but hey, that's what Febreze is for right? So I confess, I have definitely gone over to the other side. Those of you who decided long ago that you would be a hater, I suggest trying it again. People change...Im proof of that!!!

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After Hours said...

We eat broccoli every single day along with a banana for breakfast and an apple with lunch. Those have become our staples. You are right- it is a little stinky when you cook it but at least it doesn't make your urine stink like asparagus does:) Keep up the good work. I keep trying to diet and exercise and right when I'm doing well I end up at Carl's Jr. It's extremely hard to stay on the right track but eventually I get back there.