March 23, 2009

Vitamin water...Friend or Foe?

I tried Vitamin water a couple months back because I watched a show about this stuff and they said it was fabulous. They stated that there were vitamins in every bottle. I didn't drink one every day, just once in a while. Last week, I bought some on sale and drank one daily. I developed a migraine by the second day. It was so intense, I ended up going to the doctor because I thought something was seriously wrong. She gave me a shot for pain and took me off work for the rest of the day. Not putting two and two together, I continued my ritual of drinking the Vitamin Water for 5 days straight. I chose different flavors for every day. When Friday came around and my headache was still there, I started to get scared. I tried to assess my week at a glance to see if I had done anything different. The only connection I had was the water.

I then read the ingredients. Do you know, most of them contain way over your daily recommended allowance of vitamin B? A friend of mine had an issue with being vitamin B deficient so I did some research about vitamin B toxicity. Migraine headaches were on the top of the list. I was also having weakness in my hands and when the doctor took my blood pressure, it was 102/70. That is a bit low. Those were also two other side effects to Vitamin B toxicity. Every morning when I get up, I take a multivitamin. I was topping this off with an abundance of the different forms of Vitamin B found in these drinks so my body started to rebel. I don't think people realize how dangerous vitamins can be when they aren't monitored. Also, I thought I was drinking a healthy water substitute. Come to find out, it has 125 calories and is filled with sugar. Not the best thing for a dieter. I'm not saying that this water is bad for everyone, but my body definitely put up a fight. Be sure to read your labels. If you start feeling like something is terribly wrong, start with the obvious first. That being said, I strongly recommend Propel. It tastes great and it isn't packed with a bunch of stuff that your body doesn't need. We get our daily vitamin B intake from the foods we eat. Taking a substitute isn't even necessary. No more vitamin anything for me except my trusty multivitamin daily. I've learned my lesson!



katherine. said...

hey lori...I'm really glad to read this. I enjoy the vitamin water...however...I think it may have given me headaches in the past.

Hope this finds you and yours well!

Lori said...

Thanks for stopping by Katherine. I hope this post helps anyone that is having the same issue I was. Sometimes, its amazing how something so small can affect you so dramatically.

Anonymous said...

i can't explain it, but i get headaches when i drink a bottle that has been opened and half finished. If I drink a whole bottle, I don't have any side effect. I do keep it refrigerated. But since one serving only has roughly 20% of the daily required intake, I don't think it is an overdose. However, I have now had headaches nearly 10 times and they last long, and the only connection I can make is drinking day old vitamin water.

Lori said...

They have more than your daily allowance in one container. Top that with a multivitamin and its vitamin B overload. Mine were not old and they were refridgerated. If you're having headaches, stop drinking them and see what happens.