January 29, 2011


I received a letter the other day from a reader with some interesting information about RJB. I wanted to re-post his e-mail in my blog. This information may help some of you in your quest to reclaim your life and child support accounts back:

Hi Lori,
I wanted to respond to your blog about support kids now being handled by RJ boudreau and associates. I worked for this collection agency for a very short time and what I saw was tons of illegal actions by the collectors. The trainer would tell you how to get away with threatening law suits on people which you are not suppose to do by the FDCPA Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. I left there and actually reported them to the FTC. There have been tons of law suits against this company and they just pay settlements to get out of them. Support kids using them is just a sign of how bad this company really is.

I never even saw a paycheck from them either. My friends husband worked for them for a bit and they tried to get out of giving him his last check as well. Its a very corrupt company like many collection agencies are. RJB obviously was the cheapest that support kids could contract with. I couldn't see them using that agency for any other reason.

It's sad that companies take advantage of parents who are trying to get help. I knew the way they did business was illegal, this just confirms it.