May 14, 2007

Survivor Finale: Yau-Man Wuz Robbed!

Let's hope Dreamz stays broke for the rest of his life. If anyone ever deserved the Survivor win, it was Yau-Man, and Dreamz, in a stupid and selfish move, stopped him from winning by going back on his promise to give him his immunity necklace in the final four. Why stupid? Because he didn’t have a chance of winning after that lowdown move. He didn't even give back that obscenely large truck that Yau gave him in return for his word. (Btw, what’s the gas mileage on that sucker? Shouldn’t they be giving away Priuses at this point?)

At least the jury didn't reward this kind of behavior, as other juries have in past seasons. I'm all for outwitting people, but this wasn't strategy on Dreamz's part. It was pure greed. He wanted that truck, and traded in a "promise to God" to get it. Don't take a bribe if you're not going to honor it. If he had just said no to the deal, he could easily have won the million, too. Instead, Earl won with a unanimous vote. Phew. He was a strong second choice for the win and is someone with some sense of decency. As for Yau-Man, I'm seeing some endorsement deals in his future. Wheaties, perhaps?

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1 comment:

thecabinet said...

All I know is that if Dreamz lived up to his word...and did the right thing..He would have had ALOT of he will fade away as a liar with no honor...