June 17, 2009

Supportkids Complaints

As many people have read, Supportkids is out of business. Wait, or was it that they kept all the accounts that don't make money and gave the ones that do to RJBA?? How could that be possible? They were hurting for money to begin with and then defaulted on a loan. I believe that was the story we were told. My question is, if they couldn't keep the accounts that kept them afloat then how can they stay in business when they gave our cases away as collateral to RJBA? I'm not sure if we will ever know the true story. RJBA doesn't return calls or e-mails. Ive heard they are rude, nasty, and make threats to parents in search of their payments that have been received but not distributed. And Supportkids appears to have washed their hands. Nice job guys!

There is hope though. I sent a termination letter almost a month ago and had the account information thru the D.A. switched over to my own account. I did that at the state disbursement website. This particular website is for California only.To date, I have received two payments directly from the D.A. for the full amount. Alot of mothers have been working their butts off to stay on top of things and for some, it has paid off. You must be unrelenting and find out the laws in your state. Anyone can be a victim but Id like us all to be victorious in our fight. If you have any information to share regarding this situation, please keep me posted.


Anonymous said...
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Lori said...

Ms. Anonymous asked me to delete and reprint the last statement without her case # so this is the deleted post from above.

THe following is an EMAIL that i got from SK today. I guess my case is still with them. I need to get on the ball over here and send them a termination letter. For those of you who were able to terminate SK, how did you do it. what verbiage did you use? How long did it take? and Did you owe them for any attys fees etc?

Supportkids, Inc. (“Supportkids”) recently underwent some organizational changes we want to tell you about.

In May 2009, a limited number of Supportkids’ cases were transferred to another collection agency for enforcement. Your case number:_______ was not transferred – it is still with Supportkids - but this change has caused a slight disruption to our operations. We are working to quickly resolve these issues, but if your case is paying you may experience a temporary delay in your child support payments.

We want to assure you that Supportkids will continue to diligently enforce your child support case. We strongly believe in our mission - to make a difference for families - and will continue to use this to guide our actions on a daily basis.

If you have new information on your case or would like an update on activities or payments please contact us by any of the following:



Client Line:

Thank you again for choosing Supportkids, and we apologize if this disruption has caused you any inconvenience.

Best regards,

Supportkids, Inc.

11:52 AM

Lori said...

Unfortunately, Im not sure what happens to the cases that are left with SK. I would imagine the same BS we have all experienced. I wish you luck. Them transferring my case was the best thing that could have happened to me after 6 years of denying my request to terminate. For all of you who have had your cases transferred and have changed the distribution of your funds to your account, be sure to write a termination letter to RJBA to cover yourself.

jennifer said...

Congrats Lori on being able to get your payments. I received a letter from Ms. Stephanie Parker the other day completely ignoring everything I said in my letter terminating services and told me I need to contact customer service by phone. Now let me get this straight, we call them and they say we have to e-mail them, we e-mail them and they say we have to call them, What is going on???? This is my other irritation, I worked hard tracking down the proper channels to transfer payments back to me, which I was getting like clock work for 6 months, and all of a sudden payments have stopped. A mutual friend of my ex's and mine told me he received a letter from RJB stating they were now handling the case and that until I signed the contract they couldn't force him to pay like SupportKids, how much truth is in this, I don't know, but from what I have learned about RJB I wouldn't put it past them. Still haven't received a "contract" to sign, but I did receive a letter stating how happy they are to be handling my case and how I should call with any concerns, and a cheap magnet.

La bell'anima said...

Wow, Jen, I have yet to receive one thing from RJB! No letter, no emails, nothing. I wonder why I'm being pushed to the side???? Maybe they realize SK screwed up when they reviewed my file.

For the anon poster, a lady on another board got the same letter as you. She went round and round with them and sent them term notices even though she had received a payment within the 12 months, they did in fact close her case. Try a term letter and then be done with them! Revoke your poa. Good luck, hope they are done for good.

Lori said...

I have nothing to say to Ms. Stephanie Parker. She doesnt need to waste her time here. Obviously they have no idea how to run a business. Can you imagine how they would collect child support? Its like the blind leading the blind...not returning phone calls or e-mails is BS. Idiots!

Anonymous said...

Jennifer, if they sent that type of letter to the NCP's that's illegal. They aren't enforcing - the COURTS ARE. I wish we could get proof of that. So far, it looks to me like they are refusing to put anything in writing because it could be used against them, period. They want you to call because it's easier to deny if you call. It's also illegal to tape some phone calls according to an attorney friend. I told them I'd only deal with them in writing and so far nothing.

PurplePeopleEater said...


Can you (or any other custodial parents) get ahold of the letter to the NCPs? My attorney would love to see it....We're not in contact with the NCP and certainly don't want to stir that hornets nest up.

RedHatty said...

Well I got my FINAL check from RJBA today! And my regular payments are going through the State of Louisiana once again.

For me, this ordeal is over.

If any others are stuggling through this mess & live in Louisiana, feel free to reach me if you need any help: redhatty (at) gmail (dot) com

Lori said...

That is great news Red!!! I hope this happens for everyone:)

jennifer said...

I do not have any contact with my ex. There is actually a restraining order against him. I have talked to our mutual friend who is digging for infor for me from him. I have attempted to contact RJB many times both by e-mail and phone and got no where. The one time I did call the man I spoke with kept having to put me on hold to gather his thoughts before responding and admitted I was more knowledgable than most that call. Well still no support check for June so we will see what happens. I did send an e-mail to Stephanie Parker informing her of the Indiana Bill that prohibits them taking more than 25% from child support. For anyone from Indiana the link for that bill is

So just waiting to see what RJB has to say about that.

La bell'anima said...

Jennifer....let me ask you...that Indy bill was it actually signed into law? I found the same thing when I was researching and had talked to an attorney but he couldn't find out for sure if it was actually passed or not. It was passed after my case but at the same time you would think if it wouldn't retro the amount it should at least be going forward with it right???

jennifer said...

La bell,
Sorry it has taken me this long to respond I have just been soooo busy with school. Okay I called my old high school Government teacher, who happens to be is a former Indiana House Representative, he told me that as long as there is an "effective" date next to the amended areas then it was passed into law. The actual Indiana Code that is involved is IC 31-16-22. now I have tried pulling this specific code up on www.in.gov but cannot find it. There is another House Bill No. 1224 http://www.in.gov/legislative/bills/2007/IN/IN1224.1.html
and this states it was put into effect July 1, 2007. Hope this helps. I will keep digging and try to find a direct link to the statute.


Anonymous said...

Hi Lori. I bumped into your website by accident as I was trying to Google the phone number for SK. I contacted SK back in 2001 for enforcement on my OLDEST daughter case. Today I went to the Child Support Office to inquire about child support payments made for my YOUNGEST daughter that I have not received, even though they were made but I was informed today that SUPPORT KIDS has been receiving payments for my youngest daughter via direct deposit. When I contacted Richard Boudeu & ASS last week they said they had NO records of any payments but today CSE gave me a print out showing that they have received 4 payments and they all showed as deposited in their account. I now have to contact an attorney to assist me in getting my daughter's child support back. The CSE lady also said that for RB&ASS to "handle" any SK case, they NEED to have written authorization form the person who signed the contract with SK, which they never asked for. I was also getting frustrated trying to call their toll free number and getting no answers that I was able to find a number for them that I'm assuming it's not supposed to be public knowledge by the way I was asked how I got the number in the first place. For those of you sharing my same frustration, this number is: 1-603-890-1644.
By the way, this company is NOT a law firm. They are a Collections Agency.
I hope this information is able to help anyone in my same situation.

Lori said...

Somebody has your money and if you have proof of where it went, and they are lying to you, cant you file a lawsuit against them? Did they say SK got the money or was it RJB? Either way, this has turned into quite a mess. Since I terminated my contract with them in May, I havent heard a word from them. I have continued to get all of my child support directly from the DA. I cant believe they (SK & RJB) can continue to screw custodial parents out of their money. We were fighting for support before we went to them for help. Now, they are stealing money and denying that they received it? WTF? Id like to know where the justice is here. Whats up with the states of Texas and Maryland letting these companies get away with this and why hasnt the DA's office in all of the states come together to shut them down? It absolutely infuriates me!!

Lori said...

Please read my latest post about SK/RJBA dated 8/16.

Anonymous said...

i recently got some money back from RJBA since they continued to take 34% fees even though the contracted amount had already been collected.

A few things to note
1) the contract automatically ends once the contracted amount is collected. The contract specifically states that you don't have to pay any more fees once that happens. If RJBA/SKI continued to take fees then they HAVE to reimburse you
2) unfortunately, there is a clause in the contract which states that SKI can transfer POA to a third party so the contract is still binding even if they transferred your account to RJBA
3) my advice is not to speak to anyone by phone. communicate with them in writing only, either by email or US mail, this way you havde proof of everything that transpires. I have been emailing back and forth with Stephanie Parker who has reimbursed me some money but I still believe I am owed more money so I will continue to email her until I get every penny of my son's child support.
4) Contact your local CSEA asap and change your address so that you will start receiving payments directly through them

Hope this helps someone!

Anonymous said...

I actually have gotten my contract cancelled at SK however I just receieved a child support payment thru Ohio/Florida and SK received it. When they cancelled my contract they failed to change the direct deposit info so not I have to wait for them to send me my child support again. I think the company has either gone out of business or is on the way out of business. What a bunch of BS you have to go thru to talk to someone. If you have a contract you can only call on Tues or Thurs at certain times like 9am to 12pm, so they are still sucking people in during the other times.... what a bunch of crap... I got all my money back when they cancelled my contract because I haunted them daily with calls and emails. There was a woman there that investigated that said that the states were doing more that they were so that was bacically why they cancelled my contract. I wouldn't recommend SK to anyone. I think they have some honest people working for them but they can only do so much....

Anonymous said...

I have never worked with Support Kids or any other private agency. My son's father owes over $10,000 in child support and I got tired of working with the court system to no avail. The courts have suspended his driver's license and they have intercepted his taxes but even with these measure I've seen nothing in over 2 years. I finally got tired of waiting and signed up with SK just a few weeks ago. I am horrified to hear what you guys are saying about SK. How could they even take my case if the company is slowly going out of business? No one explained that to me when I signed on with them. They have not yet collect money on my behalf. Is there any way that I can still get out of my contract?

Lori said...

Once you've signed, you cant get out unless they go a year without collecting anything. Its terrible. Im surprised they are still taking clients. As far as I was concerned, SK was history. Or was it that they transferred the accounts that paid and kept the ones that didnt. All new accounts are far game I guess. Lord knows they make enough commission.

Michelle said...

I had just gone through this with them. All you have to do is go online and find free revocation of power of attorney forms. Fill it out and have it notorized. Make sure you send it certified mail and get signature so they can't say they never received it. When you sign up for their services you signed a limited power of attorney form all you have to do is revoke it. They have no legal rights to collect your money.

Lori said...

You make it sound so easy Michelle. I wish I would have known that 3 years ago:) Thanks so much for the advise. I hope it helps our parents.