August 10, 2012

Movie Etiquette and texting

I have always loved going to the movies, its one of my favorite past times. The cost of movies has gone up quite a bit in the past 10 years. I've noticed something else that has changed, the number of rude people in the theater. We pay over $10 dollars to see a show. Add popcorn, coke, and candy and you easily end up spending $50 dollars for your night out. Why do people think its OK to text while they are at the movies? Don't they realize how distracting that light is coming from their phone? Most of these people are updating their Facebook status. HELLO....if you came to watch a movie, why not watch it first then give your review? We don't need a blow by blow of your encounter. Who cares if you just bought a large popcorn and got great seats right in the middle? Not me. The only thing I care about is whether you're in front of me or behind me.

More often than not, we now wait for the video rather than go to a show. It's much easier going to the video store than getting pissed off at the retard sitting down front, who has absolutely no common sense and could care less about people's rights to see a movie distraction free. I totally don't get it. If you want to play on your phone all night, why did you bother spending the money? You should have stayed home and ordered in. I understand that people need to be plugged in ALL the time but there is a time and place for everything. When you go to the movies think about someone else besides yourself. Turn off your freaking phone and watch the movie!

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