April 27, 2007

Friday's Feast !!

Friday's Feast !!

How fast can you type? 85wpm, on a good day

What is your favorite online game? Myspace headgames

On a scale of 1 to 10 (with 10 as highest), how intelligent do you think you are?

Monday=8, Friday=3...thank God for weekends:)

Main Course
Name three of your best teachers from your school years.

1. Mrs. Cameron-3rd grade teacher that taught me sign language.

2. Mr. Dixon -5th grade teacher

3. Mrs. Anderson-Spanish I teacher that was a total crack up. She called me lowwwwwwwwwwwwwwra.

Honestly, these are the only teachers names I remember...lol...sorry, its been a while.

What are your plans for this upcoming weekend?

Going to the science museum with my boyfriend Michael, my son, and his best friend.


thecabinet said...

You suprise me..I thought you were way more OCD than:

...And 85 WPM ? that is smokin' fast, isn't it ?

Mz Jackson said...

So far everybody is a faster typist than me! Mz. Jackson slinks away in shame...

she said...

Sounds like you've got a great dessert on your plate this week.

Christine said...

Sounds like you have a fun weekend planned.
LOL! I feel the same way by the end of the week! TGIF!
Thanks for the great Feast!

gil said...

really enjoyed your feast - your salads great
thanks for stopping

Braden said...

Awesome feast! Science Museum, huh? Sounds really neat.

Heart of Rachel said...

It's nice to spend some time thinking about the teachers who touched our lives. Thanks for sharing yours. Have a lovely time at the museum. Take care and thanks for visiting earlier.

Gattina said...

For an Italian or Spanish it's horrible to speak english they are unable not to pronounce the rrrrr ! Mr. Gattino makes us laugh when he speaks english but he takes it with humor. He is Italian.

Kim said...

Wonderful feast today. Have a great weekend and visit to the museum. My feast is up...come on over!

Joseph C. Harris said...

Great Feast. I liked your salad. My feast is now up.

Melody said...

Great feast! And you have nice pics!!! Hope you have a great weekend.