April 24, 2007

Supportkids....friend or someone put here to drive you nuts?

Guess what boys & girls?? I still haven't received my money from Supportkids thru Direct Deposit. This is money that was sent to them on 4/9 and today's date is 4/24. What I don't understand is, why it is taking longer than snail mail? The Customer Service people have called me back regarding this issue, although, its not the friendliest response and I feel like all I get is the run around. Wait a minute Ms. Customer Service Girl, aren't I the one paying your paycheck?? How dare you take that tone with me and fix this problem while your at it. I'd bet my child support that your paycheck is never late. You get my money and could care less how long it takes to process my cut as long as its lining your pocket, who cares about the children....Blahblahblah....excuse after excuse.

Here is what Direct Deposit is suppose to be like:

When your employer sends your pay directly to your checking or savings account rather than issuing you a paper check, you're participating in Direct Deposit. These deposits arrive and are made available to you more quickly(key word here) than paper checks. Direct Deposit is the most widely used electronic payment. In 2005, 4.4 billion payments were made using Direct Deposit, a 5.1 percent increase over the previous year. As many as 145 million Americans use Direct Deposit to receive their pay or government benefits. Did you know that Direct Deposit has been around for almost 40 years? It has a proven record of success - 97% of people who get paid via Direct Deposit are satisfied with it.

I get Direct Deposit thru my work. What is the purpose of convenience if your getting your money later?? Enquiry minds want to know. Why dont they just terminate my contract and put me out of my misery? Again, Id rather NOT get the money than pay Supportkids for the mental anguish of wondering what in the heck is going on and why I cant buy groceries because they have no clue as to the whereabouts of my child support......Ugh, im so disgusted. 5 years of this...Ive paid them for 5 years. Thousands of dollars and this is the type of treatment I get. Its not about the Customer Service, its about THEIR profit. Whatever....I say again....Dont hire Supportkids!

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