February 8, 2007

I'm so tired.....

Here we are, another month and my payments from Supportkids are still running behind. They are unfazed by my e-mails and they don't bother calling back when I call to check status. Why does this have to be a constant struggle? Didn't I hire these people to help me?? They cause me more stress then the DA's office did when I was doing their job for them. I'm at the point that I would rather NOT get the money than pay those people for doing nothing. It's not fair. Anyone out there considering having a baby?? You should really stop and look at your long term plan. If the father isn't going to be a willing participant, make sure you can afford to support the child for the next 18 years. And, BTW, the older a child gets, the more expensive they become. Wait...OK, let me re-think that. When they are first born, formula, diapers, and child care are pretty costly. So, I guess, the beginning and the teen years are the most expensive. True, most of us get married hoping for "Until death do us part"....but the reality is, it doesn't happen for the majority of us. Add kids, and it can make life challenging sometimes. Have you ever heard the saying, "Rob Peter to pay Paul?" Yep, I can relate:)

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