February 12, 2007

Supportkids....what a joke part 2.

Well, I must say the response from Supportkids made me laugh. Was he responding to my post or was he advertising for his company?? I want you all to know, its not that I don't appreciate the fact that they found my ex-husband's employer 5 years ago...I do. My issue is with the amount of time it takes them to process my money and the cost of their services. The DA's office process my payments consistently every 2 weeks, and I guarantee they have ALOT more business than Supportkids. Why should I have to pay a company 34% (over $15,000) of my child support to delay payment to my son and I? Why do the existing customers have to pay a toll charge when the new ones don't?? I'll tell you why, because once they have you roped in with a signed contract, its all about them. Their customer service sucks, their payment processing sucks, and I have to pay an additional charge if I want to talk to someone because of the toll charge. AND when you call, no one can give you a definite answer. Instead, they are just rude and don't return phone calls. I'm in the medical field...if we had a vendor that treated our company the way they treat their customers, we'd fire them. I tried, but they wont let me out of the contract until they collect their full fees.....(again, over $15,000)...they give nothing but excuses for their behavior and tell me I should be lucky to get what I get. Whatever!!! Don't blame the State for your short comings, I don't. And for the record, Direct Deposit has been around a while. You get your cut, why does it take you 2 weeks to send out money that is already in hand? Sitting on the interest maybe?? Id rather get nothing. The fact that I pay them to be treated like this makes me sick to my stomach. I'll say it again.....Don't hire Supportkids for your child support.

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