March 27, 2007

Supportkids Update

Well, its been a while since I've given everyone an update on the company (Supportkids) that has been ripping me off for the past 5 years so I thought Id let you know how its going. According to a former post, they heard what I said and are trying to improve the system. HOWEVER, I received 2 checks on time and now my checks are running late again. Id like to know what they do with the thousands of dollars they have collected from me over the past 5 years? The 34% of my child support should go into the development of a direct deposit system. This is 2007 and all the companies I know do it, including my employer. Supportkids would like you to believe this is a system that has yet to be invented...HELLO!!!....I think they like to sit on the money to collect the interest before sending it out. If the DA's office sent them a payment on 3/12, why don't I have it yet? This is ridiculous and I want all of you single parents out there, in search of hiring a third party to collect your money, to think again before hiring SupportKids. They are crooks and their customer service sucks!!!

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Legal Pub said...

Sounds unfair. If you would like to post your complaint/ story on Legal Pub you are welcome to do so.