March 30, 2007

Welcome to Lake Havasu Spring Break...

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Have a wonderful weekend everyone!! Im off to Lake Havasu, Arizona for a few days. Im going to visit my sister and enjoy the 95 degree weather. Im hoping to get rid of the ghostly white glow on my legs:) For those of you who have never been there, you should really visit some day. It gets pretty hot in the summer. Last year I believe the highest temp was 128, so dont go in July or August but this time of year is great. Its tons of fun. Hope to see you there sometime!!

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My boys having fun at Lake Havasu..


Kai said...

That looks like a party and a half!

Hope you have a great time and enjoy the heat!

Anonymous said...

I go to lake havasu every 3 months. we own a boat and 3 jet skis its so much fun!!

Anonymous said...