March 8, 2007

Thursday's 13

Thirteen Things That Teen-Agers Lie About

1. Drugs - Stupid is as stupid does.
2. Sex - Those stains on your sheet were caused from what?? Ya right!!
3. Smoking - Parents can smell no matter what you think.
4. Parties - Ya, Mom, we're going to the movies. Hello, I was young once...I know the drill!!
5. Alcohol consumption - It doesnt matter how much gum you chew, we know!
6. Trouble at school - I usually dont find out until the day before I need to talk to someone.
7. Broken anything - From household appliances (dont put tin foil in the microwave) to broken screens from sneaking out too much.
8. Tall Tales - He hit me first, really....
9. Heartache - Whether its their own or something they have inflicted on someone else. Mom is on a need to know basis, even if there is tears involved.
10.Anger - Thats what slamming doors and blue hair is for.
11. Confusion - Teenagers think they know everything, even when they dont.
12. Need for Parental guidance - See line above.
13. Curfew - No really Mom, I was home on time. You just looked at the clock wrong.

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Qtpies7 said...

Wanna get back at your kids for lying? Read my blog on how to embarass them, lol!
I found out about my son's ISS while he was IN it! He told them that he had told us about it, thankfully they checked with me.
Little buggers.

amy said...

loved this list and your first commnet...thanks for posting

Amy H said...

So true, so true!

thecabinet said...

Maybe your next 13 can be about "boyfriend excuses for watching porn !"

Jenny said...

great post. I am the single mother of 3 kids so I guess this is what I have to look forward to, huh? :)