September 24, 2009

Rotten Customer Service

There is nothing worse than going someplace and getting crappy service. With the economy the way it is, you would think that companies would go above and beyond to get your business. Case in point, last weekend. DBF Michael and I went to San Pedro for Lobsterfest. I made the reservations 6 months is advance and booked us a suite at Crowne Plaza. When we arrived, we were told by a flighty receptionist that our room had been bumped. She left us standing there for 15 minutes while she researched the problem. After returning, we were told that the airlines had booked suites for their pilots and they weren't scheduled to leave until 11 o'clock that night. WTF? She then down sized us to a mini-suite and only took 16.00 dollars off the tab. We are not off to a good start. One of the things we liked about this hotel was that they offered shuttle service. When we went down to the lobby and asked for a shuttle ride to the fair, we were told by the moron behind the counter that it would take 15 minutes. After waiting patiently for 20 minutes, I went back in the lobby and he was no where to be found. I asked the next available person how much longer we would have to wait. After consulting with another moron that spoke little English, we were informed that we would have to walk even though there were 4 shuttles sitting in the parking lot. They didnt have a shuttle available to take us to the fair. I was mad.

We get to the fair and try to make the best of a messed up situation. This weekend was not off to a good start. After walking around, we wandered into a restaurant that sat on the bay. We sat at a table for a half an hour and no one bothered to take our order. I had to go to a manager and find out what the problem was. He then signaled a waitress who proceeded to take our order. BTW, she made us feel very unwelcomed by her attitude and body language. Her excuse for not taking our order, she thought someone else was helping us. Mind you, this girl walked past our table at least 20 times and didn't even look our way. It took forever to get our food and a life time for a refill on drinks. Needless to say, we didn't leave a tip. When we got back in to town, we stopped by our favorite restaurant the Elephant Bar. It was so nice to be home and loved. We had drinks on our table within 5 minutes, and food another 10 minutes after that. Not only will we never stay at another Crowne Plaza hotel but that restaurant by the bay (I wish I could remember the name), will never see another dime from my wallet. Companies are shutting their doors daily. I suggest they go to their local Elephant Bar and learn how people should be treated. Shame on you Crowne plaza for treating your customers like crap. If I stop one person from staying at your hotel, I have done my job!!


Jenny McB said...

Very rotten service at the hotel. I now read a travel blog regularly that helps people who have gotten ripped off while traveling. (
I am sure that his advice would be to write a detailed letter to the manager at the hotel and to the national office. I bet they would want to hear about the lack of service.
I wrote a completely opposite view, but mine was about retail. It appears that the travel industry feels that we are hostages.

Anonymous said...

Lori, let me tell you how much it works to notify management of the problem.

During a hurricane where I had to evacuate I had terrible service - my room actually had a ceiling caving in.

I wrote to the president of the hotel chain - the information is on the website. Do it in writing but a second email can also work.

The full amount was credited back to me and we got a night's stay for another time.

I also had the an issue with a major computer company. I wrote the president at his web published email. The next day the manager of the local store (apple) called me and replaced the machine.

They never know about problems unless you tell them. Make sure to be nice though and tell them that you like the chain - just not this one!

For the Crowne Plaza, I would call the hotel and ask to speak with the manager. Explain your complaint. If that gets nowhere, here's their online form for complaints: ttps://

Digital Flower Pictures said...

I would take it up with the manager and if that doesn't work then corporate HQ. If that doesn't work you can at least bad mouth them on the review sites to warn other people. Keep your complaint short (not too many minute details).