May 25, 2009

RJBA - The Supportkids take over

I logged into my Supportkids account today thanks to Redhatty giving me a heads up. This is what I found:

Your child support case is now being serviced by Richard J. Boudreau & Associates.

Richard J. Boudreau & Associates (RJBA) can be reached at:

Mail: Richard J. Boudreau & Associates, LLC
5 Industrial Way
Salem, NH 03079
Phone: 1-866-997-2449

Supportkids, Inc. is no longer servicing you case. We wish you the best in your child support efforts.

The last statement is what really grabbed my attention. I thought maybe it was saying we were on our own now. No such luck. After thinking about what is being said, I have concluded its telling us good luck with RJBA. Got it!

Also, regarding RJBA. I have heard a number of complaints regarding a person that works there named "Pam". One of them really made me made. In Laurens words:

Pam, kept jabbing at me about how I chose to live my life etc, none of which is relevant to collecting my past due support. In our last verbal phone battle she actually told me 'she would have to think about how much more of HER company's money she was going to spend on this case, or if she was going to put this on the back burner'.

Excuse me?? How much more of HER companies money she is going to spend?? First of all, it is our child support that kept SK in business and would continue to do so for RJBA when our cases are forwarded to them. Second of all, who is she to talk to any of us that way? They are not a child support enforcement agency, they are a collection company. We dont owe them anything. Our debts are because of dead beat parents that refuse to pay child support. We didnt take out a loan and are refusing to make payments. The money comes to us from THEM secondary to the DA (for most cases) collecting on our behalf. It appears that PAM needs to get off of her soap box and remember who she is working for. Its just another reason why I wish they were in my state. Id love to see these people face to face. I guarantee they wouldnt be talking to any of us that way if we were upclose and personal. She hides behind a phone line and thinks that this gives her the right to treat people in that manner. Shame on you RJBA for hiring a person with such poor customer service skills. We are not the enemy, we are the victims (for lack of a better term). You are trying to collect money for us, not from us. It appears that PAM has never been in our situation. If she had, Im sure her attitude would be completely different. Although, I guess it all depends on the person. Where's the compassion?? I think that's what is missing from both of these companies.


tljoiner said...

Hi Lori,

Thanks for the new post. We now have 49 signatures on the petition and tomorrow I am going to put in a call to the Attorney General of the state of Virginia. I hope to gain more insight and information on the case the state has against Support Kids and suggestions for us.

I sent my letter to RJBA to gain access to all my files from Support Kids and to terminate any and all further contracts. I have not heard back from any of the phone messages I have left for their office or any emails as they just come back with an auto response.

Thanks for all of your continued support and I hope we are moving closer to a class action suit against these predators.


Lori said...

Scroll up for the letter I got from RJBA today.

Anonymous said...


Lori said...

Now Anonymous, how would you know that if you didnt work there yourself? Why dont you read the progress dumb ass? RJBA is out. You better find yourself another job! Maybe if you were busy getting your affairs in order rather than surfing the net, this wouldnt be happening to your company.

mistyk said...

Hello everyone,i am from texas and my name is misty and i am the wife of a husband who had to pay cs through sk and now through rjba. Rjba started harrassing us in july 2009 and we ignored them and refused to give them any money and kept sending the cs payments through th ag's office and also because my husbands ex wanted nothing to do with rjba and asked us not to send them any money.Well in dec 2009 rjba started threathing to sue my husband and take his driver's liscense and plumbing liscense and put him in jail if we did not send payments of 125 every month till march 2010 and they insisted that it come directly from my checking account so i finally agreed and they promised they would report what we were sending to the ag's office so my husband would receive full credit there as well. Well after the first payment came out of my account in dec i checked the case at the ag's office and nope they did not report it and so i called and then they informed me that by law they did not have to report it, so we got screwed there!! They took the second payment out in jan and were supposed to take the third payment out 5 days ago and have not and i cant even get any of their phone numbers to work. Out of the 125 that we sent each month only 84 dollars went to the child. This rjba is a bunch of crooks if you ask me and we wont give them another penny. Does anybody know if they just all the sudden went out of business in the last month or what has happened to them?? I have enjoyed reading all your comments and good luck to everyone!

Lori said...

It is my understanding that RJBA was bought out by Parent Financial who assumed the Support Kids name. They do not have credentials to work in all states. What does that mean for the parents that are paying and the people waiting for payment?? I have no idea. Try contacting Supportkids and see if the case was transferred back. Its a mess. Keep us posted.

Anonymous said...

Hi my name is Teresa and I have a 8 year old daughter and they sent me a letter saying that the payments is paid in full how can that be and I have custody of my baby and not only that he left us when she were 1 year old and he got another family so how is my payment paid in full

Lori said...

Your payment to RJBA or the child support payment owed? If its child support, that isnt possible. If its court ordered, the non custodial parent pays until the child is 18. If its the payment to RJBA, maybe they terminated your contract....Its hard to say without knowing what the letter states exactly.

Anonymous said...

June 30, 2010

Richard J. Boudreau & Associates, LLC
5 Industrial Way
Salem, NH 03079

Attention: Child Support Supervisor – Stephanie Parker

Please be advised that I would like to make a formal complaint about the services that are “supposed” to be rendered from Richard J. Boudreau & Associates, LLC. I pay a 29% fee for this company to collect child support payments for my case (approximately $35,000 in back support). I called to see if the father was still working because I received a payment and this organization didn’t even have his most recent employer on file. The customer service contact called his old employer. How can you accept a payment for services you have not rendered?

Why are you taking a percentage of my child support and you are doing nothing to actively pursue this delinquent parent? Why should I pay for services you are not rendering? If you even knew where this guy was currently working; I could understand being charged a fee for collecting the debt. The customer service rep had no clue; the last employer they had documented for him was from 2009. That was easily 9 months ago.

Get with the program and provide the services your contract states or allow me to cancel the contractor because the services are not being rendered. I’ve made several calls to the customer service manager and she has not returned my call.

It’s sad enough to have to pay an additional 29% to get funds collected for back child support. At least with Support Kids they did an active job of locating dead beats. Your organization is just answering phones.

My case # is 406222. If I had any indication the services being offered by your organization would be this horrible, I would fight tooth and nails to get out of this contract. I will check my legal options regarding this contract since services are not being rendered appropriately.

Respectfully submitted,

Delphia Esters

Ashley Corella said...

hi,my name is mary from hurst tx rjba owes me $300 in child support since 6/2009