May 20, 2009

Supportkids...Yes, they're out of business!

As many of you know, Supportkids have gone under. We have been instructed to call a new company, Richard J. Boudreau & Associates (RJBA) and they can be reached at 1-866-997-2449. So, how many of you have contacted this number? I left a message on Friday and still haven't heard anything back. They also gave an e-mail address of Well, Ive tried to get a response that way as well with no luck. On Friday after I got the news, I contacted the DA's office. I would like to give a special shout out to the staff at the San Bernardino District Attorney, Child Support division. They have been nothing but helpful. I was instructed to write a letter stating I no longer wanted Supportkids handling my case, I took a copy of my ID, and faxed it over. I got a call today from "Barbara", who told me that Supportkids was having my money directly deposited into their account. Oh no, I thought, what now? I dont remember approving my money to be direct deposited into anyones account. The DA's office said that this is how it works when you sign their contract. Figures!! I was then instructed to log onto (for California, your state will have its own site) and change my direct deposit information. The DA's office gave me my account number, which is something you will need. After you log in, go down to the bottom of the screen where it says "Set up Direct Deposit." Change the information in the state disbursement to your own account and you are set!!

Id also like to add something to this post. This is dedicated to all the people that don't think single parents deserve nice things. Why not? Just because the non custodial parent refused to pay on their own, does that mean I have to live my life in poverty? Am I really undeserving? Ive spent MANY years supporting 2 boys on my own. My oldest is now in the Navy and just returned from Iraq, my youngest is graduating from High School next month. For a very long time I robbed from Peter to pay Paul. My kids did without alot of things. They never knew the stresses I dealt with on a regular basis or the tears I shed for bills I could not pay. Now, I own a home of my own. I took a home improvement loan out so that I could make my house into something I was proud of. Then, I get these idiots making nasty remarks because I have nice things. I pay my mortgage like everyone else. Who are they to pass judgement on me? Supportkids kids doesn't pay me enough monthly to cover half of my mortgage yet these same people say that Supportkids paid for my pool?? Or my new stove?? What's wrong with this picture and why are these people so filled with hate? Dead beat Dad maybe
? The $300 dollars a month I get from them (or should I say got from them) did not make or break me. However, alot of people depend on every penny of that court order for their survival and that of their children. I learned to live without it, I had to. That does not give any company the right to feed off of the desperate. I put information on this site to help other parents. This is not a chat room or a forum for people to lash out. This is my blog that I started 2 years ago to fight Supportkids. I don't have time or patience to deal with people that have nothing better to do that surf the Internet for a fight. If you don't like what I write, move on. If you dont have something helpful and pertinent to the discussion at hand, dont say it. Ive done a great job raising 2 men and I did it for 10 years without child support. I will tell you one thing, I know neither one of them will end up doing to their children what their father did to them.

Take the information I have and use it if you need to. If you are happy with the services provided to you by Supportkids or the company that will be replacing them, more power to you. Im not here to change your mind, Im here to help the people that need it. Unless you have walked a mile in any of our shoes, you dont know shit about this topic. And the bottom line on that one is, I could care less what you have to say and neither do the rest of us.


tljoiner said...

Lori, you are an inspiration and I hope that we can work together to right the wrong. I am waiting on Dallas County to let me know about my change of address that I sent to them only yesterday. I do not know what will happen but I pray that we can get enough signatures on the petition to move forward. What do you think about involving someone investigative like Greta? This is a big story to me and I think we would get a lot more leverage if we involved the media.
I would not even have been with Support Kids the last two years had they honored my right to opt out of their contract. Obviously they have been floating our support to pay their bills. Enough is enough.


Quia Q. said...
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Quia Q. said...

Continuation from my first comment. I was reading the rest of the contract, I came across this line on page 5:

Supportkids may assign this limited power of attorney and its rights and duties under this agreement. I agree
that the party to whom it is assigned can do anything that Supportkids can do under this agreement.

That gives me some concern that Beaudrau may be able to control our case files. However, page 8 of the contract is the authorization for release of info. That's the document sent to the OAG saying we agreed to let our money be sent to a third party. It has this fantastic little line in it:

I may choose to revoke this authorization at any
time by submitting a completed Revocation of Authorization for Release of Information.

Here's the link to the TX revocation form:

I'm sending mine tomorrow. Hopefully the combination of personally changing my payee address, requesting direct deposit from the OAG, filing the revocation document and sending a C&D letter to the collection agency should get my money straight to me, and me only.

Lori said...

See, there is hope...I KNEW it!! They want us to think there is no way out...but there is. Heck, Ive already done it with my DA but I will definitely sign that form as well.

You rock QUIA!!! Thanks for the info:) And thank you tljoiner...remember, we are in this together!!

Lori said...

I wonder if there is a revocation letter for Cal? I will have to look into that....

La bell'anima said...

Thanks Quia for that letter. I'm in Texas also so I will try it myself. I was worried about the right for RJB to represent us also. We did sign something stating that we authorized Supportkids to hire an attorney if one was needed on our case. I hope this is not the same thing.

I just spoke to our in house counsel here. He has a few things he wants me to do. Passing them along. First, call this RJB and ask for a copy of the original support agreement with SupportKids. (does not matter if you have your own original copy-they need to be able to produce it for you) He states they may try to push us off for a bit but be persistent. Call every couple weeks. If after 30 days you still don't receive it, send a cease and desist letter via certified mail. If they cannot produce a copy of the original contract, they cannot legally enforce it :) Now if they do produce this copy he said he would take a look at it and see what else can be done. I will get back with you after I call and see if I get the original contract. Don't sign the new contract they are sending to you!!!! I also printed the email Supportkids sent. My counsel said it sounded like they were talking in circles. He said they are trying to cover themselves by confusing the subject basically. He is not 100% sure of RJB legal enforcement of the contract until he can see a copy of what we have. I unfortunately don't have a copy of mine so I can't show it to him. Hopefully this will work. Let me know if you all find out any more on this.

La bell'anima said...

just a quick update. Went quicker than I thought. I called and was quickly transferred to someone else after asking for my contract. This guy asked why I wanted it. I just told him I simply wanted a copy of the original signed agreement. I did not state I didn't have my own or anything like that. He told me it would say the same thing as mine said. I told him again, I wanted a copy of theirs. Then he asked why. I told him it did not matter why, I wanted a copy. He was polite about the whole thing though. He gave me his private email address asking for me to send a request via email (although he first tried to give me the automated one and I refused). I will wait a few days and then call back regarding my email. In house counsel stated if they push to know why I want a copy just state my copy was not signed by Support Kids and I'm afraid I may not have a proper contract. Hope this helps you all. I will keep you updated on what comes of the contract :)

RedHatty said...

those of you with a contract available, can you PLEASE look it over carefully and see if it says ANYWHERE that the contract is between you & "SupportKids Funding"

This is the argument that Boudreau & Assoc. is giving me

RedHatty said...

posted on the other blog entry, posting here too...

Okay, today's phone conversation was with Stephanie Parker (ext. 412), the Supervisor at Boudreau & Assoc. Child Support Division.

After arguing (nicely) with 5 different "workers" that My contract clearly states it is between SupportKids, Inc AKA CSE Child Support Enforcement and myself, and NOT "SupportKids Funding" and myself, she has agreed to pull my physical file and review the contract.

I also requested both on the phone and in writing a copy of the contract they have on file, no questions at all as to why.

I finally received the email from SupportKids saying they are no longer handling the case & forwarded it to my State CSE office, maybe that will suffice as to proof for them.

Boudreau & Associates has either been hoodwinked by SupportKids (and they are not yet aware of it) or they are just as much a set of crooks as SK. Which it is I do not know yet.

Right now I have 2 support checks "in limbo" as Boudreau & Assoc. have not received them from SK YET. No idea how long it will take to transfer them either.

Folks, Boudreau's #1 argument is that our contracts are with "SupportKids Funding" Please review your contracts and see if you can find "SupportKids Funding" ANYWHERE in the contract & let us all know.

I think it may differ state to state, but I am not sure.

Anyway, looks like Tue or Wed before I have more news...

Myra Yanez said...

My case was switched to RJB also. I don't like what I have seen when I googled them. They told me that I did'nt have to sign the papers that they are going to fed ex to me but the contract is still binding anyway.The jerk made a support payment on the 13th but RJB says that I won't get it until next friday 5/29/09. That's a bunch of crap!I wonder if I can get out of my contract. I did sign the petition. Hope that will eventually help us. I think media involvement might possibly help a great deal!

tljoiner said...

Hi all,

I just wanted to give you an update on my current situation. I faxed over my change of address to Dallas County in Texas. I received a call today that I missed but had a message that bothered me. I was told that I would need a letter from Support Kids to change my status. Hmmmm, there is no Support Kids anymore so I called them back and spoke to another support representative.
After explaining my plight she went to her director and low and behold their is a form that is being mailed to me to cease all payments going to Support Kids or anyone else for that matter. So, I am hopeful that this will solve the first problem. Where is my money? There is not an answer for May 2009 payment as it is somewhere in limbo I guess.

As far as the comment about why a class action suit? I have been in several class action suits card companies, utility and phone companies where litigation may go on for a couple of years but eventually there is a judgment against them. If they were to reorganize I would hope that would apply to the reorganization as well. I am not a lawyer nor am I in the state of Texas to know their law but I am angry and am willing to contact any and all persons that might be able to help us.

After the Memorial Day I plan to contact the Governor and state Attorney General of Virginia to find out exactly what was the deciding factor to sue Support Kids...In the article that I posted the reasons summarized are the same as most on these web sites. Wish me luck on that...

As far the question about our contracts...No where on the contract is there SUPPORT KIDS that is bogus and Beaudreax and Associates have no legal contract with us as far as I can tell. I have sent them a letter stating as much and to send me all of my information that was sent from Support Kids. I will not be a part of another scam.

Keep those stories coming and hope everyone will hang in there and together we will tell our side.

God Bless,


RedHatty said...

Thank You Teri! I couldn't find it on my contract either.

I have sent a request for the contract from RJBA and I plan to compare them very carefully.

Any changes in them & I will be going after BOTH companies for fraud

Quia Q. said...

I was terribly shocked and surprised at myself that I didn't have a copy of my contract with SK. HOWEVER, I have a gmail account so I searched for supportkids and found the original email from them letting me know that my case was accepted AND it had a link to a PDF of the contract docs they wanted me to sign and return to them. If you're able to do so, track down that email from them!

For those that can't and just want to see a contract for themselves right now I scanned my docs (and whited out my info):

La bell'anima said...

Quia, again thanks for the info. I will try to find the original email although I don't recall signing up via email. I remember they mailed the forms to me and I mailed them back. But I will look anyway.

the link you provided didn't work for me. I just copied and pasted. Is there something else I need to do to view them?

Lori said...

My first impression, If he is asking why we want a copy of the agreement, something is up. You guys are so awesome. I hope that all of this information is making it to the people who need it. I think RJBA is a scam just like support kids and they have bitten off more than they can chew. We cant let up!

lauren said...

Thank you for all this information. For 9 mos I felt like I was alone in my battle w. SK. I know 9 mos is a very short time compare to some of you but I was beginning to take a 'bury my head in the sand approach'. This is the best news ever. I have my 'request to stop redirect of payments' from my state and that is all i need to get payments routed to my bank account. (when and if i ever get them). I have no intention of signing anything from anyone but my own state ever again.

La bell'anima said...

My situation seems to be way more screwed up then I thought. I am from Indiana originally. That is where the original support order went. I moved to Texas and had it transferred down here. Then I went to SK. Odd that SK did not notify Texas of any payments made on my account (not that they were a great deal) So I called Indy yesterday and sure enough they have the payments listed. ODD! So now I have to figure out how to close the case in Indy. Texas OAG was confused by this as well since they have the case set up still here!

The thing that concerns me the most is the way RJB was trying to pressure me into saying a collection agency was the best route for me to go to get my 80k in support. I admitted to NOTHING! What is funny is they are seeing dollar signs in my case! HA HA... he hasn't paid but 20 bucks every now and then so why in the hell would they thing this company would get anything?

I do have a ?. RJB is sending out this contract. Myra said they told her it didn't matter if she didn't sign the new contract, it was still enforceable. Then what's the point of sending out a new contract? I think they are really trying to "scare" us into signing this contract. I was able to download Quia's copy of the contract so I will take that to my legal counsel on Tuesday and see what they have to say. No where does it say Support Kids Funding LP! Don't listen to the scams they are telling you!

RedHatty said...

This is my contract, in full, with personal info removed

Agreement for Services

This Agreement is between me, ____________ (Client Name), and Supportkids, Inc. (“Supportkids”). I am the custodial parent and will be the client of Supportkids. The non-custodial parent’s name is ___________(“NCP”). I have not received regular child support payments for at least six months. I am asking Supportkids to collect child support from the NCP. Supportkids will take action to
collect this child support owed to me as described below.

What Supportkids Will Try to Collect

I think the NCP owes me $_______________ in child support. However, Supportkids will try to collect an amount called the “Specified Amount” of child support. The amount I think I am owed is usually less than the Specified Amount. This is because the Specified Amount also includes any interest to which I am entitled. It might also
include additional amounts that I have been ordered to receive. Supportkids will calculate the Specified Amount when the first payment is collected.

Example: I think I am owed $6,000 in child support. The accrued interest is $4,000. The Specified Amount is $10,000 when Supportkids adds the accrued interest to the child support. Supportkids will try to collect the entire
$10,000, not just the estimated amount of $6,000.

Direct Payments

I might receive some payments directly (not through Supportkids). If I receive a payment directly, that payment will
also be subtracted from the Specified Amount. I must pay Supportkids its fee on payments I receive directly.

What Supportkids Will Charge for Services

Case Development Fee: Supportkids will first charge a Case Development Fee of $475. Supportkids will deduct the fee from the first $475 collected on my case. If no support is collected, there is no Case Development Fee. This fee covers the review and preparation needed to begin enforcement.

Service Fee: After the Case Development Fee has been collected, Supportkids will charge a Service Fee of 34% of each payment received. If no support is collected, there is no Service Fee. After Supportkids has collected the Specified Amount, I will not have to pay the Service Fee. This fee covers investigation, enforcement and payment processing activities during the life of this agreement. The Service Fee applies to payments received regardless of
whether they are designated as current support or arrears. Actions by attorneys, government agencies or other people which contribute to the collection of my child support will not affect the terms of this agreement.

Example: The first payment received on my case is for $400. All of that amount will be applied toward the Case Development Fee of $475 and will reduce the amount due for that fee to $75. ($475 - $400 = $75) The next payment Supportkids receives is $625. Of that amount, $75 will be applied to the rest of the Case Development Fee, leaving $550. Supportkids will subtract its 34% Service Fee of $187 from the $550. ($550 x 34% = $187) It will send
me the remaining $363. ($550 - $187 = $363) All payments received after that will only have the Service Fee of 34% deducted.

What Supportkids Will Do

Supportkids will use the methods it believes to be best to try to collect the Specified Amount. Supportkids is not a law firm. However, Supportkids may hire a lawyer for me to file legal papers and make court appearances on my behalf. The lawyer’s work will be limited to collecting child support. Supportkids will pick that lawyer. Supportkids will tell me if a lawyer has been selected to represent me. I will not owe fees for the services provided by that lawyer. I may also hire my own lawyer, at my expense, at any time. My lawyer, if I hire one, will not interfere with the actions of Supportkids or a lawyer hired by Supportkids.

RedHatty said...

Payment Processing

When Supportkids receives a payment, it will subtract its fee. The balance will usually be sent to me within five days. However, a personal check or other form of payment that requires proof that it is covered by sufficient funds may delay the processing for an additional fifteen days.

Limited Power Of Attorney/Request to Change Address

I grant Supportkids a Limited Power of Attorney to act as my representative and on my behalf in all communications and enforcement activities for the collection of the Specified Amount for the term of this agreement.

I specifically instruct any court, agency or business to provide Supportkids with child support information related to my case. This shall include records of payments owed or paid to me and copies of any court orders. I
give Supportkids the right to accept and receive this child support information.

I specifically instruct my government child support office or registry to change my address to c/o Supportkids, Inc. P.O. Box 49459 Austin, TX 78765, and/or to change my direct deposit information to a collection account in the name of Supportkids for the benefit of its clients. Supportkids may change this
address and will notify the child support office or registry of any change. I give Supportkids the right to endorse and deposit payments they receive for me. Supportkids will keep its fee for services as stated in this agreement. I give Supportkids the right to accept mail sent by my government child support office or registry. Supportkids will forward
important mail to me at my residential address.

I authorize Supportkids to request and receive, on my behalf, Federal Parent Locator Service information
through a State Parent Locator Service. I am not receiving TANF benefits.

I grant Supportkids full power and authority to take any appropriate and legal action to enforce and collect the Specified Amount. My heirs, legal and personal representatives, and I will cooperate with and abide by those
actions. Supportkids may assign this limited power of attorney and its rights and duties under this agreement. I agree that the party to whom it is assigned can do anything that Supportkids can do under this agreement.

RedHatty said...

When This Agreement Ends

This agreement ends in one of four ways:
(1) Supportkids collects the Specified Amount.
(2) I notify Supportkids in writing within seven (7) days of my signing this agreement that I wish to end this agreement.
(3) I don’t receive child support payments for twelve (12) months in row. I must tell Supportkids in writing if I want to end this agreement for this reason, and I must tell Supportkids before Supportkids collects a payment following the twelve-month period. If Supportkids has hired a lawyer for me, I cannot end this
agreement until the lawyer has finished the specific duties for which he or she was hired. Supportkids will be entitled to its fee on any payments that are received as a result of the actions taken by the lawyer. Also, if Supportkids placed a lien against the NCP’s property, my case will remain open only for the limited purpose of enforcing the lien, unless I tell Supportkids at the time I close my case that I want the lien removed. If I
don’t ask Supportkids to remove the lien, Supportkids will be entitled to its fee on any payments which are received because of the lien.
(4) Supportkids determines it may not be successful on my case and notifies me it is closing my case.

Changes to This Agreement

This is the entire agreement between Supportkids and me. No other promises or agreements, written or oral, are part of this agreement. Any changes to this agreement must be in writing and signed by Supportkids and me.

Supportkids is a Texas Corporation and performs its services in Travis County, Texas. This agreement is entered into in Travis County, Texas. It shall be interpreted according to Texas law. Any lawsuit between
Supportkids and me must be filed in Travis County, Texas. After Supportkids signs below, a copy of this signed agreement will be sent to me upon request.

I have read this agreement and understand its contents, including the fees Supportkids will charge for its services, as evidenced below by my signature.

AS you can see, no "SupportKids Funding" is mentioned at all, and "any changes to this agreement must be in writing and signed by Supportkids and me."

If you don't want RJBA to handle your case SIGN NOTHING!

La bell'anima said...

Just fyi: I linked the gopetition to my facebook and myspace page. Hopefully I can get some friends involved and we can add more people to our petition on our behalf's.

jennifer said...

Hey everyone! I just want to start out by saying I was so happy to receive information about this site from "C". I was trying to find others in the same boat as me and was having no luck. I tried contacting Boudreau & Associates on Friday afternoon and talk about being strong armed. I simply called requesting a copy of my case file be mailed to me. The man I sopke to told me I had to submit an e-mail to I would not accept this, I am sorry but there is no reason I can only communicate with someone by e-mail. I remained persistent, but very pleasant and guess what... after being transferred to 5 different people I finalyl got this S. Parker. She was absolutely vulgar with me. She would not let me speak at all, everytime I asked a question she got loud and biligerant with me and told me that she would have to have their legal department review my file and send me only the information I was entitled to have. Now I have printed my contract that I had with Supportkids and no where on there does it say Supportkids Funding, LLC. so by the way a friend of mine is reading everything (he is a 4th year law student) our contracts are now void because a change has been made to the contract and therefore a new agreement has to be signed. When I enquired about this with Ms. Parker she told me that they are not sending out any information like their e-mail states and our contracts remain effective. What a joke!!! Well I am taking the advise you all have offered and joining forces with you guys to help fight for OUR rights!!!!!

Christy said...

Lori, thank you so much for putting this together. I have received support fairly regularly from SK for the last 4 years and had very minor problems with them. I am really upset at how unethically their 'going out of business' has been handled. Thanks to your information, I've filed a request with the State of California for the direct deposit to be sent to me. I'm going to get started on Tuesday with some of the other 'action' mentioned to make sure that the $ meant for my children is protected.

Anonymous said...

When a company goes out of business they sometimes have little control about how it is handled. Depending on how it came about and how a company is organized the whole story, or explination can be delayed.

La bell'anima said...

Very odd. Today I tried to call several times. Kept getting the voice mail overflow. I finally left a very snotty message with my cell phone number. Last week they told me to email them in regards to the contract. The guy gave me his private email address and so I did. To this day, he still has not read it based on my request read receipt. I sent another one today and they still did not read this one. They are scamming us when they give us these so called "private" email addresses.

What's extremely odd is just a few minutes ago I got a call on my HOME phone from 866-890-1644. I didn't answer it since its usually a telemarketer even though I'm on the do not call list. I googled the number and its RJB! So they're not reading emails, not listening or returning their messages (I left my cell phone) but yet they have time to call my home. Wonder what they wanted.

tljoiner said...

Lori said...

Scroll up for a copy of the letter received from RJBA today.

tljoiner said...

I received a request today from an Austin newspaper via the petition site. Finally someone is taking notice and I am hopeful that this story will continue to grow until the Texas Attorney General has to take note and do something about this fraud.
Hopefully a Texas based law firm will see our cases and will gather a class action suit.
Please continue to pass the word and pray for all of the children and their parents that Support Kids has affected.
I am calling the Texas Department of Banking tomorrow myself. This is not going to go away for Support Kids or for RJBA. What has gone on and what is going on has to stop.



tljoiner said...

This is the link to the first article published in the Austin Statesman. It confirmed what I had been thinking and outraged me at the same time seeing in print how Support Kids was using our child support as collateral on their loan. Please read the article and let them know what you think....Hopefully this is the beginning of the end of these practices.

tljoiner said...

Hi all,

Just reading all of your input today really jolts me to the reality of just what Support Kids has taken from all of us. I have read several view points on the matter of Support Kids Funding and transfer of collection assignment.

I signed my contract in January of 2005 and my fee was 375.00. There was no specified collection on my case. My issue among other lengthy reasons is that Support Kids did not assign this collection to RBJA. They used our child support as collateral and defaulted on a loan to a Texas bank. To me this is a termination of contract on the grounds that (A) my contract does not state anything on Support Kids Funding and (B) they lost the right to assign our cases to anyone when our support was used as collateral and Support Kids ended business with our said cases on May 14, 2009. I do not know why Texas has not stopped this before now but I am willing to go all the way with this fight.
I was told by Support Kids 2 years ago that my case was dead and I supplied the written request for opting out of my contract and Support Kids would not let me even though my contract stated otherwise.
I have received my authorization of reversal from the Dallas County child support office in Texas and I am posting the link for you to be able to view and print the form if this applies to you.
I hope that all of you have signed the petition and read the article from the Austin Statesman.

God Bless,


RedHatty said...

unfortunately, 2 of those links are cut off & don't work :-(

I read the statesman, wondering what you have hidden in photobucket :-)

tljoiner said...

Red Hatty,

Thanks for the heads up...You should be able to pull up the info from my blog link. Sorry about that....


tljoiner said...

Good morning or afternoon ladies, I was up til 500a reading through the hundreds of codes and I see my new friend Cintx was doing the same. We are all diligently doing our parts of research and fact finding and it is adding up to some very interesting discrepancies. Cintx makes very good points on solvency and registered business names of which Support Kids Funding is no where in plain site.
I agree also that I never received a signed copy of my contract from SK nor can I retrieve any or my records as they have vanished. Why would we not be able to pull up our own records? Why wipe the website clean? None of this sounds legit to me.

Another sell point that SK made to me to draw me in was that they were going to collect all this interest for me on top of what my ex owed. Come to find out in Texas you cannot collect any interested owed or any monies for mental anguish or strife caused by the non custodial parents.
SK flat out lied to me on this point and this was discussed many times throughout my contract.

Keep up the great research everyone and we will keep on plugging.


Ginger in B'ham. AL said...

Call Bryon Sehlke @ 512-437-6000 do name search on company directory you can speak with him. You will be directly connected to him. He is CEO/ Pres. of SK. He probaly will not actually do anything but we can speak our words to him and send e-mails to him @ Bryon.Sehlke@ I spoke with him and he was suprised I got his number.

tljoiner said...

Ginger in B'ham. AL has left a new comment on the post "Supportkids...Yes, they're out of business!":

Call Bryon Sehlke @ 512-437-6000 do name search on company directory you can speak with him. You will be directly connected to him. He is CEO/ Pres. of SK. He probaly will not actually do anything but we can speak our words to him and send e-mails to him @ Bryon.Sehlke@ I spoke with him and he was suprised I got his number.

I bet he was surprised....That is the main SK number. He answered that line? What did your conversation consist of if you do mind me asking because he has made it clear in every interview that SK was always right and we did not have to sign up with them if we did not want to. So, I am very curious about your conversation....and why he answered the main line?

Lori said...

Ginger...Im interested in what he had to say too...although, if he cant do anything, whats the point? Would we tell him how much SK ripped us off? He already knows that Im sure and could probably care less.

BTW, I have never received a call from RJBA nor a response to my e-mail. Wow, what a surprise considering the way they do business. I got my certified receipt back today...I wonder what will happen next??

thomas.keisha said...

I have been reading all of the comments. I also have a case with Support Kids and my case has been transferred to RJ and associates. I called the Los Angeles child support agency and advised them that support kids it out of business and I wanted to set up my own direct deposit. I was advised to call the CA child support disbursement unit and was advised that support kids had a Power of Attorney and the money was direct deposited to their account. I advised that they are out of business and they then advised me that they were a third party administrator and I needed to take it up with support kids. I again advised that they were out of business and requested to speak to a supervisor. I was transferred to a voice mail and never receive a return phone call. I called the LA child support back and they had a Ombudsmen call me back and she advised that there was nothing she could do because they are collecting the support. I call child support back and faxed them in a copy of the statement that is on support saying that support kids is no longer handling my case. I also sent them a copy of the letter from RJ and associates that states they need to schedule a conference call with CA child support and myself to change the way my payments are received. I advised that changes within a contract void the contract unless both parties agree to the changes and I do not agree. I have went online and tried to change my direct deposit I do not know if it worked yet. However, I was informed when I tried to do it over the phone is that I would have top know the previous account information which is Support Kids direct deposit information to change it. I also found out that only 100 of my child support is the arrearge , the rest is current. However on RJ and associates letter it states they only collect the arreage but they are taking 34% of everything. I have sent RJ a certified letter requesting a copy of my original contract as well as all the proof to CA disbursement unit to stop this direct deposit. If that does not work, I was thinking about closing my case with CA that way all payments will be stopped and seeing if the father will make the payments directly to me. I was told by the ombudsmen that I can always reopen the case. If anyone goes to, there are several complaints about support kids . There is a child support newsletter , and I am going to write them and try to bring as much attetion to this as possible. When I called Los Angeles CA they were not helpful and everyone I spoke with stated that I was the first person to call about support kids going out of business and they had no idea what I was talking about. I tried to find the address for the office of the Director of child support Jan Sturla to write him and complain but I had no luck.

Lori said...

I thought I was going to need their banking info too but if you go to the bottom of the form, it says set up direct deposit. Then, I spoke with a live person who changed all the info. I needed to know my DA case # but thats all I needed. Follow the instructions on this post and see what happens. When I spoke with the DA to request the account info, they said I wouldnt need it and they were right. Call 866-325-1010. You will have to go thru automated stuff but then there is a point to speak to someone. Thats when you give them your account info. Tell them you are changing the disbursement because SK is out of business. They didnt give me any hassle. Good Luck.

thomas.keisha said...

Lori, I called the CA disbursement unit to see if the change to my bank account went through and to my surprise it did. I called my bank account and I have already had a child support payment posted to my account. I received the full amount. I felt liberated because supportkids was talking over $100 a month. Thanks!

Lori said...

What awesome news!! You are sooooo welcome:)

Eric Straussberger said...

Hey I just wanted to let everyone know that I have created a blog only for this topic. I am a child receiving payments and this is a big concern to me. I have already contacted my local news and decided to make a blog for parents and children to share. Thanks


tljoiner said...

Thanks Eric, I have a blog for this site only as well with all the documentation from the beginning if you care to check it out plus links to the petition and other details.

Please feel free to check out mine too....

Lori said...

I got my second payment from the DA yesterday and still no word from RJBA. It can be done ladies:) Dont give up hope.

Anonymous said...

RJBA called me yesterday but I did not answer the phone. I now have my child support payments going directly to my bank account and I was a bit concerned because I'd figure that they might try to contact CA child support and attempt to have my payments go to them. I was thinking about trying to put some kind of alert on my account where no changes are to be made to my account except by me.

Lori said...

Did you do a termination letter? If not, I would. That way, you cover yourself. If they try to bypass you and get your money, thats against the law without your consent. If you didnt sign the direct deposit slip, they have no rights to your money.

Anonymous said...

I signed the contract in april have not received my check from rjb. Found this website today and called attorney g office and found my check sitting there and rjb tells me support kids have not sent it yet. I do not know what to do to try to stop them I think its too late but I will see. Meanwhile they are sending me the check because they said they never heard of them.

tljoiner said...

If you don't mind me asking and I may have missed it, what contract did you sign anonymous? SK or RJBA?

Anonymous said...

Lori I am in Ca also , what do I need to do and say in this termination letter?


Lori said...

Dear is what I wrote. I also sent it certified:

Dear Mr. Boudreau,

Please except this letter as a termination of the agreement between myself and Supportkids. This termination went into effect the moment Supportkids went out of business. They did not own my debt therefore they have no legal right to sell it. The debt is owned by me and only me. Any further action regarding the money owed is between me, the non custodial parent, and the District Attorneys office. I did not hire your company and do not require your services to collect any debt owed to me. The DA’s office has been notified of my wishes and Supportkids has been taken off of my case. I do not give you authorization to except payment on my behalf, nor to investigate any further issues with regards to this matter.



tljoiner said...

Hey Lori,

I did the same thing and it has not stopped RJBA in the least. They just decided to ignore me and have circumvented the support. Since my order was in Texas evidently RJBA is going by previous SK abilities to intercept. I am still working on it but am really mad. Still waiting on an update from the NH AG on my complaint against RJBA. Seems there are a lot of them. Imagine that?

Lori said...

I stopped them thru the DA and the State disbursement too along with the letter. I havent heard a word from them. Maybe they looked at the amount of time SK was milking my child support and decided not to pursue it. The contract HAS to be paid in full. Its working for some. I think it all depends on the state you live in. Dont give up!

Toya said...

Lori, I got my second payment yesterday since support kids went out of business and the payment went directly into my bank account. I might hold off on the termination letter since CA has already change it to my bank account. One thing I did do intially was I logged onto supportkids website and I faxed CA child support a copy of the letter that stated support kids inc is no longer handling my case.

hinson.c said...

Make sure you file a revocation of power of attorney for supportkids since initially you would have signed giving them power of attorney. it is easy and you can do it yourself. you can find the wording online, get signature notarized and file it in your home county office. then mail copy to state agency along with letter stating they are only to send payments and communications to you. mine is handled in california too and i did same, changed address over phone and signed up for direct deposit which automatically directed payments to me. also got payment history from state and found out contract ended because Supportkids had already collected TWICE the amount specified in contract but of course they never told me lol to rj boudreau because they bought an expired contract!!! and i never would have known had this whole thing not happened and would have continued having my money stolen by supportkids....guess i could sue them but right now i can only at last, thank God almighty, i am free at last!! haha

Georgene said...

I live in Union County, NJ. I called my probation officer today and she told me that Supportkids has to send them a letter stating that my case is closed. Then and only then can I start receiving the payments into my account. She told me that I CANNOT just fill-out the change of address form nor the direct deposit form bc the special unit that handles the money will not just change it back. So, I emailed her supervisor and told her what is going on. I dealt with this supervisor when I originally signed up with SK back in 2007. So, at this point I am about to fill out the Revocation form and send it to Texas and I copy to my county. I will fill out the change of address and direct deposit form and send that to my county. I will also contact RJB for my original contract. I do have my copy. The one that was emailed to me to sign and notarize... and then lets see what happens. I was told that effecitve July 1 the NCP who resides in MD will begin to make payments on his arrears which is like $11,000 (maybe more now). So, only time will tell but I am not giving up. this is some BS and some FRAUD!! Nowhere in my contract does it say anything about "Supportkids Funding." And my probabtion officer told me they are in communication with MD which further tells me that Supportkids did not do anything on behalf of my case which would entitle them to 34%; which is what they have been taking from my children. Well, this fight is not over. I have contact Channel 5 and 9 here in NJ, NY, and Conn areas.... so lets see if someone can help, but if not we cannot stop now. I am so angry and disgusted with this crap... wish me luck!!!!


tljoiner said...

Georgene, I read your posts and I do hope that you can make headway. We all have had to go through hoops to try to fix the mess that SK caused. Please keep us posted on your progress and if you have not signed our petition, please do so and read all of the entries on my blog. Hopefully these posts will help you with your journey. Just make sure to send all correspondence by certified mail so that you have a record of any transaction with SK or RJBA. Here is the link:

Lori said...

Please read my latest post about SK/RJBA dated 8/16.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much!!! I know someone who used supportkids over ten years ago and things seemed to have worked out fine for her. But I guess they (supportkids) found a loop hole and ran with it. The father of my child always takes me to court to lower his support. I mean really how much lower can you go from $200 a month! I would love to know why the DA in Los Angeles county continues to allow these deadbeats to get a pass. The mothers and children are the ones who have to do without. Thank you again for the blog.

cynthia said...

I was with support kids also. I did do the contract with them via e-mail. They faxed me the contract and I faxed it back to them. I did this back in 2005. I sent them a copy of the court ordered childsupport agreement and also a copy of my ID and the information about the non custodial parent. Late last year this new company sent me a letter in the mail stating that they would be handling all of SupportKids cases. What is going on? Are they really scaming people because if they are I am in!