May 14, 2009

Where have I been?

As many of you have noticed, I haven't been posting like I use to. There are a couple reasons for that. 1st of all, I dissolved my contract with Divorce 360. I got tired of writing about relationship issues when I wasn't having any, and after 2 years, it just got old. Not to mention, I was constantly chasing them to get paid. It wasn't worth it to me anymore. Secondly, I have been remodeling my home. My stress level these days has been off the charts. Work is hard (especially lately) and home is complicated when you have to live your life around contractors so I havent had much rest. Although, last weekend for the first time in a long time, I relaxed. We have 3 contractors coming to the house on Monday to do 3 different things and it all starts again. It took me 6 weeks to get my kitchen back, now my bathroom is going to be gutted and new doors for the house are being installed. Not to mention, I have a son coming home from Iraq on June 8th and my youngest graduating on June 10th. Did I tell you Ive been planning a party as well? I cant wait to breathe. After this next stint with the contractors, I'm gonna give it a rest for a while and enjoy my oldest sons visit home. That includes a week off from work. Thank God! I need to find medium ground someplace so I can gather my thoughts. I don't even sit down to watch television for any length of time these days because there is so much to do. I know I will get thru this but right now, life is tough.

I would like to give you an update on my nutrisystem progress as well but that will come later. I may be stressed to the max but I look fabulous!!! I just have to remember thru all of this what my Mom tells me on a regular basis: "This too shall pass." I certainly hope so. However, I enjoy my pool when I can and I cant thank my jacuzzi enough for helping the tension leave my body **heavy sigh** I will keep you posted!



EastCoastLife said...

Woot! Your pool's good to use! Just in time for the warm weather!

I'm looking forward to seeing your sons in your posts soon. Enjoy the company of your sons. :)

RedHatty said...

Hi Lori, Completely off topic, but wanted to let you & others know, apparently someone has managed to get SupportKids, Inc shut down. They have transferred ALL of thier cases to Richard J Boudreau & Associates LLC.

I've talked with Boudreau & they are just receiving everything this week, Folks will receive a package via FedEx next week from them regarding why the change.

If you have a case you've been trying to close, it's is now closed (with SupportKids) and Boudreau & Associates are happy to help you get your case back to your state's CSE collection offices.

Over 50 thousand cases are now with Boudreau & Associates, and they have not all been assigned to individual workers yet, but should be by next week (tue or wed)

Email me if you want more info for your readers :-)