April 5, 2008

A few tips for the men....

Men and women are very different creatures. We dont look alike, nor act alike, and heaven forbid think alike. If we did, life would be so much easier for both of us. People spend alot of time trying to figure out the opposite sex but to no prevail. Women analayze men, making them more complicated than they are and men dont dig deep enough into their emotional, sensitive sides to try and grasp where women are coming from. Here are a few tips for the men:

Tip 1: Know thyself. Be honest to yourself and others about who you really are. Human beings (and women in particular) are very sensitive and can sniff out a fake in a second.

Tip 2: Have respect. After all those stories about knights in shining armor, what do you expect?? Being respectful means showing through your actions that you believe she is special. You wouldn't believe how far 'outdated' things like opening a car door can take you. Women really do love that kind of stuff.

Tip 3: Dress the part. That doesn't mean you have to wear a suit. Just look the best within the realm of your personality. Really, if Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom could be considered sexy in their Pirates of the Caribbean outfits, what do you have to worry about? As a tip, smelling good can be a REAL turn on.

Tip 4: Use the element of surprise. Everyone loves a little spice in the hum-drum of life. Plan an unexpected outing. Have a special gift delivered. Send flowers to the office. Put dates for these "surprises" in your calendar and make sure they get done.

All women want is to be loved and respected. To be appreciated for who we are and to feel beautiful by the men that love us. See, it wasnt really complicated at all. Were you taking notes?? Yes we're different, but is that really such a bad thing? Honestly, would you want to sleep with someone just like you? I didnt think so. Any questions?

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TorAa said...

You pin point something here that most people take for granted, thus misunderstand: Respect.
What's the reality: "Respect me" instead of the complicated "mutual respect".

I might have written before that I'm divorced from the mother of our 4 kids. I'm married again, for more than 25 years. My x-wife has been our "sister" all since then. For the "kids" and nearest Family, that fact has been very positive. But,
others suspect me for having 2 wifes. That's the other side of the Coin. Rumours.
Maybe I should blog about it? What do you think?

Jenny said...

I totally agree with all of it. *send off to husband*

Joshua said...

Thanks for sharing.I will let my hubby read it!

Thank you for the visit at my WW post!

Gellianne said...

Men, read!

Mica said...

I agree! Absolutely!

The Bee said...

The Bee agrees!

WomensDaily said...

I love little surprises. It's one of the reasons a relationship keeps going strong.