April 7, 2008

What is sexy??

I guess if you lined up a bunch of people (men and women) and asked them the definition of sexy, they would probably all have different opinions. If you look it up in the Dictionary, it would tell you that sexy is something sexually suggestive or stimulating, generally attractive or interesting, and erotic. A person can wear something sexy(trashy to some), have the perfect body, bleach blonde hair, ripped muscles, then open their mouth and have nothing but crap come out. Talk about losing interest quick. A man can be a perfect 10, but if he's an asshole or not very intelligent, it does absolutely nothing for me. Someone that cant carry on a meaningful conversation or make me laugh is extremely unsexy, no matter how he looks. Those men that hang out in strip clubs, drooling for the chance that one of those girls might find them in a crowd and become their Mrs. Right...well, they have a better chance at winning the lotto. It's also the same for Chippendale's (the male strip clubs). I hung out with male strippers back in the day. We'd watch them dance at a local club in Riverside then all go out for breakfast after the club closed. I loved the show but wouldn't think twice about saying no to Mr. Gigiolo. To me, sexy is a state of mind. If you feel confident about yourself, you portray that confidence outward. It goes for many aspects in your life but sexy is a big one. And guess what? It doesn't matter what size you are. Ive been with guys who had nice bodies that didn't turn me on half as much as someone that may not be perfect but had a great sense of humor. Don't compare yourself to others, be happy in your skin, with who you are. Once you love yourself, you will radiate sex appeal. Am I right?

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paolo said...

i couldn't agree more... sexy is a state of mind.

WomensDaily said...

There's nothing worse then a piece of trash enveloped in beautiful wrapping. I dated one before. Ugh.

Pamela Kramer said...

You are right on! Laughter, now that's sexy.