March 9, 2008

Child Support

I read a post the other day on the Divorce360 site that made me shake my head. A woman was talking about how she lives paycheck to paycheck but that she didn't want to ask for child support, she just wanted her last name back. Of course, I had to give her my 2 cents worth on that one. If your children are small and you are spending a fortune to raise them now, wait until they are teenagers!! Why in the world would you let another parent get off Scott free for the sake of a name? You can go back to your maiden name after the divorce anyway. I think that if two people came together and produced a child, they are both responsible for that child. One person should not bare the full burden of EVERYTHING. Its hard to raise a kid on your own, not to mention a decent adult. The children of today are our tomorrow. I don't think every child should have a cell phone, new car, or the latest electronics out there if you cant afford them...not even if you can. They need to learn responsibility. However, I'm talking about day to day living. I spent a fortune on groceries to feed 2 growing boys...heck, I'm still spending alot to feed my 16 year old. Now take into account new clothes, school supplies, lights that forget to be turned off, gas for your car and for hot water, Doctor and Dentist visits with co-pays, haircuts..the list is endless. It really adds up. To all of you single parents out there or soon to be divorced single parents, do whats right for the kids now. You can always take them to court later but why do tomorrow what can be done today? Don't short change yourself and make living a day to day struggle because you are short on cash while your ex pockets their paycheck. Trust me, you will be glad you did. Any thoughts?

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