March 24, 2008

Does it count?

If you break up with someone, and then get back together, does what happens while you're apart count? I mean, If you slept with someone else, can they hold it against you? I have thrown this concept out and cant seem to come to any type of conclusion. I understand the realization of break ups. Lord knows Ive been thru a few in my time. I know that I have said the quickest way to mend a broken heart is to replace them. However, what if it wasn't the end? Is there a protocol people are suppose to follow or do you just do what you do when you want to do it? To me, if you really love someone, they cant easily be replaced. I also know that sleeping with someone else doesn't make the pain go away, no matter how good the sex was. If you are in a meaningful relationship, I would refrain from doing anything unless you are sure. The reason, if the person finds out days, months, or years after the fact, they are going to want answers. Then, what will you say? Do they even have a right to know? I guess, technically, when you're're single. It probably falls under the old saying, "What you don't know, won't hurt you"..although, I'm sure skeletons in the closet have been the reason for many divorces and/or break ups. My advise would be, keep your slate clean. If you truly care about the person you just broke up with, give it time. Don't rush into rebound relationships and/or sex, even though ghosts from the past may be an easy prospect. Remember, they are in the past for a reason. Why reopen that can of worms? Is it really worth potentially damaging any hopes for a reconciliation with the person you really love? Just curious......

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No Nonsense Girl said...

I wouldn't rush but if the relationship ended, I guess what happened during the *break* wouldn't count.

But its easier to say that do.

Anonymous said...