March 17, 2008


I read alot of blogs. The majority of the blogs that I read are owned by parents of small children. They talk about how wonderful their little ones are and what new things they are learning. I think thats awesome. I remember the days when kids never questioned what you said or requested of them, they just did it. Little people adore big people and they never think to second guess the authority figures in the house...UNTIL they become teenagers. Parents of small children beware. One day, those precious angels that you dote on will become rebellious young adults that think you are completely clueless. Its funny, when I go thru things with my kids, I try to remember what it was like as a teenager. Yep, I thought I knew it all too. True, my mother had no idea of the things I was doing and getting away with, but she was never stupid. I think I figured out what life was all about shortly after I moved out on my own and I found a whole new respect for her. As parents, we should tell our kids that life is tough. Nothing comes easy. If you want something, you have to work for it and there are going to be a million times that you don't want to do things but you do them anyway. It seems that today's youth are disrespectful and unappreciative of the things that they have. That's wrong. Why do parents give in to the outrageous demands of teens? Going back to our roots and the way children were raised "back in the day" would be a good thing. Kids held down jobs and bought the things they wanted, and in turn, appreciated it much more. Spoiling children doesn't get them ready for real life, it makes them spoiled adults that have a hard time holding down jobs because everything has been handed to them. I don't believe in spanking a child because you can get your point across without beating it into them. However, you must be unrelenting. I guess my point is, how we raise our kids today is what kind of adults they will turn into. Make your child work for what they want. If nothing else, it builds character. Time outs are good, but don't give in to their screaming demands. If they are teens, take their computer away or their car. Be creative!! Yes, sometimes its easier to give in then to hear their mouth, but in the end, its not helping your child. Its teaching them that if they yell loud enough, people will cave in to their insistence. Am I wrong? Any parents of teens out there with a little input on this subject?

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Nap Warden said...

Hey Chicky, I forgot to ask if you want a new avatar to?

Motherhood for Dummies said...

I totally agree. I feel like parents spend not enough time realizing that we are suppose to teach them, not make life easy and be their friend.
My husband adn I are big into putting in that is hard and will hurt you sometimes, but it is what is best for them and if they still fall away then at least you know you could.
My aunt did something I though twas sooooo smart...her daughter was starting to get rebelous and see guys, parties, and kinds of stuff going on she didn't even know, but she knew someting was some of her punishments were....removing her bedroom door, taking away her curling iron, taking away her make up. That was probably the best thing she could have done!

Lori said...

I have heard of parents doing that. I had problems with my oldest sneaking out after I went to, did he put me thru 2 years of turmoil. We survived though and I didnt get called in to CPS for child Thanks for your input:)