February 15, 2009

He's just not that into you.....


DBF Michael and I just got back from seeing this movie. OMG, it was so good. Yes, its a chick flick but it had him laughing on more than one occasion. The cast was excellent, the story lines believable, and the ending....FANTASTIC!! I think it was the perfect mix and a great way to end this Valentines Day weekend. I know this movie was based on a best selling book and it was very interesting to see things from a guys perspective. I don't know If I would have cast Kevin Connolly in this movie. I think there may have been a better fit for his character. Jennifer Aniston and Ben Affleck did a great job as usual. Scarlett Johansson did a good job playing a "Scarlett", almost like the part was written just for her. And Ginnifer Goodwin, whom looked familiar but I couldn't remember where I had seen her, did outstanding in what I would call the lead role. There were a couple different stories going on but it wasnt hard to follow. I left this movie feeling good with a smile on my face.

Two very big thumbs up. Awesome movie....A MUST see!!

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Crazy Working Mom said...

Oh, I've been wanting to see this one!!! I'm glad you liked it.