February 13, 2009

I miss you Pop!!


Milton Roger Barnes
11/29/40 - 2/13/08

Today marks the one year anniversary of my Dad's death. I cant believe its been a year. Valentines Day will never be the same. The weather is cold and raining, which is appropriate for my state of mind. It felt like the Universe was crying right along with me. I want to remember the good times we shared and not the pain he went thru in his last days. I want to remember the lectures (many, many, many lectures) he has told me thru out my life and all the lessons he has helped me learn. Its funny, I find myself telling my children to "get your hands off the wall" and "turn off that light if you're not using them." Yep, that's my Dad talking. He was a wonderful man that died way too soon. One thing I know for sure, I have a very devoted guardian angel on my side. So Pop, I hope they have Budweiser in Heaven and your days are filled with laughter and joy because that's how I want to remember you. And yes, if I see a waitress near, Iwill definitely send her over with a beer......I love and miss you very much. We all do.


storyteller said...

Lovely way to remember your 'Pop' ... I miss my dad and think of him often even though he died 34 years ago this month.
Hugs and blessings,

katherine. said...

It seems he raised a pretty great kid. Remember the good stuff for sure. Sending warm thoughts your way.