February 23, 2009

Now what?

Wells Fargo finally came thru. It took them 5 months to lend us the money for the upgrades to our house. Thanks to my Mom's knowledge, persistence, and patience we are finally ready to start our journey. Now what? I have found that its not going to be as easy as I thought. You have to rely on the skills of other people to get what you want. Estimates take days, sometimes more than a week. Let me ask you this question. How many of you have had the company rep come back for more information with booze on his breath? Can you say red flag? Hello, what was he thinking?

We have decided to go with separate companies rather than one for everything. Why? Everyone has a skill that they have mastered. I don't think a person that remodels your bathroom can necessarily put in a central air and heating unit. Considering we are still waiting for the dollar amount from our first quote, that decision may change. The bathrooms are first on the agenda, then the kitchen. In the mean time, we want to get the central air put in and get a quote for the pool. Its taken so long to get the money, I lost my momentum. No worries, I will get it back. I wanted a pool put in before my son gets home from Iraq, which will be roughly 3 months. It can be done, right? Until then, we are doing some major spring cleaning that involves multiple trips to the dump and a lot of hard work. I cant wait until its done. My house will be beautiful!!! Lord give me strength for what I am about to endure and give me the patience to deal with the stress of waiting on other people to fulfill my dreams. Amen!!


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