December 17, 2008

Are single parents targets?

When employers are seeking to hire a new employee, do they look at their qualities or are they searching for someone to push around? As a single parent, you have to put up with alot more than someone who only has one mouth to feed. Most single people, (maybe not so much in today's economy) can walk away from a job and not worry too much if they go without a paycheck for a week or even take a job for lower pay. They enter the work force on a different level than someone who is worried about providing for their children. I know when I was younger, I could quit a job at the drop of a hat if I didn't like my boss. It was the same way when I was married. I had a safety net. If I wasnt happy, I could leave and simply find another job at my leisure. That isn't the case these days. I think they know we NEED to work and are more than willing to put up with some of the crap that is tossed our way. Working for a person that has no regards for you and a heavy chip on their shoulder can make for a pretty tough work week.

Why are we always fighting for something or with someone? Our ex husbands, the child support agencies, the crooks that steal our money (Supportkids), and bosses or coworkers that could care less about how difficult they make our lives. Isn't it tough enough to be a single parent without these added stresses? I feel, at times, that society has closed the door on us and our needs. We live in a world dictated by people that have the ability to hire and fire us at the drop of a hat. Remember when they actually needed a reason to fire you? First the verbal warning, then the written, then possible disciplinary action or termination. When did companies get the right to change the laws? I don't think any company should be able to fire someone because they feel like it. Today, however, you sign a contract when you are hired stating that you are an "At Will" employee. No, I haven't lost my job but other people have. This is simply a post, as all of my posts are, of something I feel strongly about. Maybe I'm just preaching from my soap box but those of you that have never had to experience this type of behavior, couldn't possibly understand it. And, if you are the boss of a single parent, don't treat us any different. With everything we have on our plate, how could you possible get gratification by kicking someone when they are down? We are hard workers. Give us a break. That isnt a ticket to be a jerk, and if you think it is, maybe you're in the wrong position at your job. Bosses need to be fair, no matter what your line of work is. We should all be treated as equals and with respect. Being a single parents shouldnt be a factor, our job performance should speak for itself. Am I right?

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Anonymous said...

I think the world is what you make it, and I'm teaching that to my kids so they don't grow up to have a victim attitude.
Everyone has hardships - EVERYONE. Married, Single, father of 3 , and mothers of 1. All people have things to deal with...if you feel like a victim, maybe the first thing that needs to change is your attitude.

Lori said...

You know, the one thing I hate about Anonymous comments is that people can talk shit and not stand behind what they say. You talk like one of the people some of us single parents have worked for. Victim attitude?? Excuse me?? Unless you have walked a mile in those shoes, our shoes, my shoes, you can stick your opinion up YOUR ass. Its easy to hide behind an Anonymous tag and pass judgement. True, everyone has hardships....I didnt say that Single Parents have the corner on that market. Especially these days. Im telling you a perspective from my world...and that is the voice of a single parent. BTW, I have a son in the military and one gradutating from high school. Two great kids raised by a single mother. If you are still in the process of raises yours, I hope they turn out as well as mine did.