December 13, 2008

Inner Strength

The holidays are quickly approaching and Christmas might be one of the toughest to endure. It's filled with holiday cheer and wonderful memories for most. If this is your first Christmas alone, you need to find your inner strength. Don't let the demons win over your happiness. We all have the strength to over come anything. Even if you don't believe in yourself, other people believe in you. I was blog hopping the other day and came across a post that really made be stop, reread, and feel so bad for the girl that wrote it. It wasn't a normal post, but rather, something written in her profile. She sounded so sad. She stated that she was blindsided by a boyfriend of three years and is having a really hard time this season. Rather than planning her wedding, she is taking life one day at a time. The reason for the blog was to help her heal. First of all I want to commend her for finding an outlet. I have found blogging to be very therapeutic too. Second, she needs to know that this too shall pass.

When you put yourself out there and fall in love, there are never any guarantee's. You also cant choose the person you love. Its just something that happens. If the relationship ended, try to look at it from the outside in. See if there was a lesson to be learned and remember the good times. I believe that everything happens for reason. People come in and out of our life every day. Don't let another person dictate your existence. Remember who you were before they were there. I know that's not always easy. Its kind of like trying to stop a cut from bleeding with a bandaid. It doesn't stop the blood, it works more as a support to help the wound heal. Look for your own support system. I'm not saying something to numb the pain but let yourself hurt and mourn the loss. Then move on. You must not let the pain control your life or happiness. We are all special in our own way. Trust me, there will be someone else and you will love again. Get through the holidays the best that you can and enjoy spending time with your family. After all, they were the ones that loved you first. Remember that.

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