December 11, 2008

Making love VS. Sex

I'm not sure if a man would know the difference between making love and sex, but a women certainly would. Sex is the act, making love is everything that comes before, during, and after. I think that foreplay before the bedroom actually enhances the love making experience. Women love to be romanced. Phone sex is a great way to get the ball rolling, or love notes, small gestures (rubbing your feet after a long day), kissing, playing (play fighting or teasing but be nice). These are all very important and can help get a woman in the mood. I have had the experience of dating someone who's idea of foreplay was telling me "I want some." Yep, that got me wet every time. NOT!

Love making means more between two people that actually love each other. I love a manly man but only in certain aspects. When it comes to being intimate, a man needs to make his woman feel beautiful and wanted. Sex should not be expected just because, you need to work up to it. That's why alot of women see it as a chore who have been married for a while. The man has forgotten the romance. We would be much quicker to jump in the sack if the feeling was mutual. Unfortunately, it takes us a little longer to get motivated. With all of the things we are responsible for day after day, you don't have much energy come night fall. If a man helped with the chores and kids, that would leave us with alot more charisma. I don't know about you but a man that does house work gets me hot just watching him. If he thinks enough about me to cook, do the dishes, make the bed, vacuum...then I'm more apt to show him just how much I appreciate him in the bedroom. Anyone can have sex, and sometimes its all you both need. Making love, on the other hand, is a deep connection. Have you ever had sex with a one night stand and walked away feeling good?OK...maybe, but the satisfaction you feel after a night of love making is like no other. Am I right on this one?


Debbie said...

yes, you are so right. I have been with men who thought that if they bought me roses or took me out, I owed them sex. I just don't know why they don't see that we need more romance. Maybe it's just a man thing

Shanna said...

After 8 months of being a single mom, I just fell for a long time friend who felt the same. He definitely has the art of making love down...or maybe it's just that we seem to be so "right" together and it's just natural. Whatever it is, it is AWESOME!

Lori said...

Kudos on that one Shanna....the right partner definitely helps:) Its true what they say, you have to kiss alot of toads before..........blahblahblah