July 22, 2007

Another fun thing to do with your kids!!

Have you ever thought about taking your kids to a taping of their favorite show?? Yesterday we went to see the taping of "Are you smarter than a 5th grader?"...what a great time!! Its one thing to see it on T.V. but its something totally different to see it up close and personal. We took a day trip down to the CBS studio in LA. Id suggest getting there early. It was HOT but we got the best seats, right in back of the contestants. There is a chance that we will actually get on T.V.! There are tons of shows to see and the tickets are FREE!! That is something that your kids will be talking about for years. All you have to do is request your tickets. There are a bunch of other shows too and you don't have to spend any cash. That is perfect for single parents or people that don't have any extra cash for fun. Just click on the link below and it will take you where you need to request tickets. I'm not sure if there is a limit to the number of tickets you can request but we got 4 without any problem OCA T.V.


thecabinet said...

That was fun yesterday...but..you may want to clarify that you have to be in the Los Angeles or New York City area (or planning a vacation) for this to be practical....I also recommend for these adventures tvtickets.com and 1iota.com...Can't wait for MADTV !!!

mark said...

If you are in the NYC or LA area this is great. Another idea though is take your kids to a company HQ for something they like. When I was a kid my mother took me to a company that made these board games I like. Now some companies have tours and others do not but this is just an idea.
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