July 18, 2007

Increase your worth financially....

Many single parents find themselves in a difficult financial situation mainly due to lack of funds from the other parent. Sometimes you find relief but sometimes you don't. In the beginning, I was collecting money on a regular basis. That lasted about a year and a half, then, my ex husband lost his job. I had to go to the DA's office and open a case against him so that I could collect money from his unemployment. It wasn't much, but it helped. That lasted until he got another job, then he lost that job, and so on and so on. Anyway, I know alot of parents are struggling to support their children on minimum wage and feel they have no where to turn. Hey, there is hope!! You can go back to school and further your education. When I went back to college, I was offered a full grant and paid little to nothing for books and classes. Here are a few sites that might help get the ball rolling. You cant support your kids on minimum wage. Learn a trade and become more independent. We cant rely on the other parent, EVER....but your kids are relying on you. Pick yourself up, dust yourself off and do something to change your situation and your life:

http://grants.gov/ - The best place to start to find the information you need to get the help you deserve.
http://schoolgrants.org/ - If your children are in need of a grant, find assistance here.
http://scholarships.com/ - Start your search here in finding money for school.
http://college-scholarships.com/ - Whether you are just starting up, or have decided to go back, you'll find assistance here.

And here is a Financial Tip - Let all of your lose change accumulate for the month, cash it in for crisp dollar greens, and have your bank deposit it into your savings; it will be an added bonus!!!

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The Gal Herself said...

This is so important! Thanks for getting it out there. Also, a lot of parents use their retirement savings to pay for their kids' college. Mistake! Because of compounded interest and tax laws, it makes more sense to investigate a loan for kids' education. (I've got a client who specializes in financial services.)