July 19, 2007

The Complete Single Mothers Guide

This book is filled will all kinds of information to help out single parents. It also answers questions you may have about single motherhood but were either too busy, too afraid, or didn't even think to ask. If you have questions concerning custody issues, managing your finances, dealing with an irresponsible ex, handling work pressures, collecting child support, and many, many more. There are also solutions for changing families, showing you how to help your children through divorce, build confidence, find male role models, and how to respond to tough questions like "Where's Daddy?" It doesn't forget your child's most important asset -- You! With creative thinking, planning, and this book as a reference, you can not only raise happy, healthy, and productive children, you can retain your sanity -- and maybe even your sense of humor! Most single parents wing it or use the help of family and friends to get through the tough times...but what if there isnt anybody to ask?? What if none of your friends have kids?? They didnt have a book like this when I was raising my children but I wish they would have. There is no other book about single parenting like this one, which has an answer for any question a single parent would ask.

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