July 9, 2007

Child Support is a never ending struggle...

I've always thought that when two people come together in a bond that produces a child, BOTH people are responsible. Yet, millions and millions of single parents go day after day without financial or emotional support. I have a hard time understanding why for some reason, support payments are looked upon so inconveniently by the paying parent. They seem to resent each and every penny, which makes no sense. The federal guidelines are built o­n the basis that both parents should share the same portion of their income with their child as they would if they had continued to live together. Don't they understand that its the child that suffers? I don't care who you are, or how many corners you cut, raising a child on your own is expensive. My suggestion to all, don't wait. Get the ball rolling now because you never know how long its going to take to get any money. And if the other parent is out of state, it could take forever. People that complain about having no money, yet do nothing to help themselves, have no one else to blame. If you dont know where to start, go to your local District Attorneys office. And whatever you do, dont hire Supportkids. See what you can do with other resources first. Having someone take 34% of your child support is really hard to deal with especially since you work so hard to get it in the first place. Ive been fighting the system for 16 years. This isnt rocket science, but it can be quite challenging. Sit back and make the best of the ride.

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Dixiechick said...

Heck, the State of Tennessee could care less too. They don't go after these dead beats like they should.

One thing I do know is this. That is if my dead beat ex works and files taxes then I get his tax return. I did this year.