July 17, 2007

Family outings that are perfect for single parents.

Here are some cheap family outings for the families that dont have the extra cash flow to go on vacation. Enjoy!

Go fly a kite. My boys absolutely loved this. We either went to the field at their school or to the local park.

Fishing can be fun. They have a regional park in my city that you only pay a small fee and you can fish for the day. This is geared more towards boys then girls but its cheap and fun.

A trip to the beach. Pack a picnic lunch and head towards the harbor. If you know the right spots, you can even park for free.

Movie star gaze. Hit the matinees for cheaper tickets. Instead of dinner afterward, split a fancy dessert at Coldstones.

Tour your own city or region. Call your state’s bureau of tourism and ask for information on nearby points of interest. You’ll be surprised how many sights charge little or no admission.

Get cultured. Many people don’t know that most museums offer free admission one day a week or at least once a month. Since museums don’t usually advertise this information, call to find out which days are freebies.

Create a family field trip. Call the chamber of commerce in your city (or investigate online) for a listing of all the factories that run tours. These plant walk-throughs often end with free samples of the company’s products. Don’t tell your kids that free stuff can be educational!

Star gaze. Go to the library, check out a book about constellations, and set up a starry-night outing. Bring a thermos of hot chocolate and a big cozy blanket or in the summer, bring some lemonade and a towel to lay on.

Play act. Instead of paying big bucks to see a theater performance, get the script from the library, invite some friends over, assign parts and put on your on your own show. (Suggestion: Hamming up Shakespeare is the most fun.)

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thecabinet said...

I am laughing about last one...you did a scene with me JUST this week !!!

Dixiechick said...

Excellent list of things to do that either don't cost much or nothing at all.