May 25, 2008

Annoying coworkers

Most of you have experienced an annoying coworker. You know that one person you would give anything to tell them exactly what you think about them? Maybe even pop them in the mouth just once. Where do they come from and why is there one in every place you work? Rude people too. I don’t get it. We all work for the same company. Why must you bring your crappy attitude in secondary to a miserable morning and ruin everyone else’s day? What gives them the right to talk down to other people and then give you their “holier than thou” attitude? I think someone needs to develop a type of button or something to warn people ahead of time if they are in a foul mood. It ends up being a domino effect. Do you notice that? Someone bites your head off, which makes you mad, and then you turn around and take it out on someone else or it may even ruin your day. I’m never 100% happy and people that are irritate me (it makes you wonder what kind of drugs they’re on and why aren’t they sharing) but I try to keep my attitude in check and avoid personal contact until I feel safe enough to play nicely. When you’re single and the only one paying the bills, you have to eat a lot more crow than people that have another source of income coming into the household. What I wouldn’t give to just once tell someone what is on my mind and then turn around and walk out. Yes, I know that’s not responsible and I would NEVER do that anyway, but just once Id like to have the option. So next time you feel the need to bite someone’s head off just because you got up on the wrong side of the bed, just once think about how the other person feels before you open your mouth. Silence really can be golden.

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Anonymous said...

Well said!! Hope your day got better later. :)