May 12, 2008

Do toys belong in the bedroom?

Do sex toys really enhance your performance in the bedroom? I know alot of people are into many different things. Some are normal and others are extremely inhuman, (perverted and sick, if you will). Ive been in one of those shops a time or two. Yes, I was embarrassed but when I realized that alot of couples were in there too, well, I loosened up a bit. I enjoy sex like most people. Its a part of human nature. Not only does it release tension but it can be quite fun. When I looked at everything they have to offer, I said to myself..."Why are there so many different gadgets that simulate a man's male organ?" You know the one. I'm not going to say the word because I want to keep this clean and respectable. I just didn't get it unless you are single and need a little "Me" time on a Saturday night. However, having 50 to chose from is a bit excessive. Now, there are some other things that I found to be quite useful. Things that were geared towards a certain part of a woman's anatomy and I must say, it was money well spent. Has it enhanced my sex life??? Maybe, although, I didn't have any complaints before. I don't think if the toy takes a bunch of effort, its worth the stress. Sex its there for pleasure and it shouldn't be considered rocket science. I also recommend creams to stimulate certain areas because they work. For those of you out there that feel that they need a little extra something in the bedroom, do it as a couple. Once you get past the "OMG, I cant believe I'm in here" phase, it can actually be quite fun. It doesn't mean that your sex life needs work, it just means that your willing to be open minded and do a little something different for a change. My recommendation though, don't put anything inside you that isn't attached to a string or cord. You don't want to have to explain that to an ER doctor, believe me. Have fun with your sexuality, and if you don't have a partner, a trip to the store can be just what the doctor ordered. We are all adults here, right?


Chuck said...

Woah, Lori. Not the typical subject you have here. Very interesting, and I like your attitude about it. Yes, we're adults. You said it all very well. Nice job!

Crazy Working Mom said...

I have toys...and I'm not ashamed to say it. They're nice when hubby is out of town. :)
The most fun way to get them is at a "fun party"...or you can order them from Neila @ Blog That Mommy.

Lori said...

And we shouldnt be ashamed to talk about it. We are women with needs:) I think its been voodoo for so long, women dont think they can admit it or even venture into that type of enjoyment. I have been to a naughty ladies party. They are great and fun!!

TorAa said...

I think sex is best when it's coming naturally. Even with "toys". I mean by naturally: When your body and mind just is "there". When You feel it's what you need right there under the circumstances (Not on the Streets and Public Areas where you can harm and offend other peoples feelings)- well, it's natural. But it seems some, or maybe many, need something more than just body and skin. Even as couples.

We are very natural.

Great and important post. You are very brave.

Ivan the Freelancer said...

Great post here.. I think sex toys works good with or without a partner.
As long as the purpose is to enhance sex life and harmony, it should be fine.
This post is useful, thanks :-)