May 15, 2008

Surrogate Mothers

My DBF Michael and I went to see Baby Mama a couple weeks ago. Great movie and it got me thinking about Surrogate mothers. That’s an interesting topic and a bit controversial. I did some research and found that a surrogate mother must be between the ages of 18-35 and have previously had a child. The typical surrogate is 28, married, employed, and solidly middle class. I would think that having been a mother already it might make it harder to give up your child. Even though, technically, it isn’t your child. That’s a bit hard to grasp but I have an understanding as to where they are coming from. If my sister couldn’t have children, I would have one for her without thinking twice if she asked. It would make it a little easier because I would still be in the child’s life. Thankfully, I don’t have to undergo that process. My sister has two beautiful children but I was just thinking in general if its something I could do. I know it might make it easier for the families if it’s a clean break like an adoption. The difference in the two though is that the child is made from your eggs so it has your genes. Wow, technology sure has come a long way. The woman in the movie had a hard time because she was single. People looked down on her and she was put on an extended list because of her marital status. I think it’s good for a child to have 2 parents, although I don’t think it’s a necessity. As long as the child is loved unconditionally, it shouldn't matter where they come from or who raises them. I think they really screen the mothers before they become surrogates and less than 1% fail to actually give the child over after birth. Surrogates can be paid up to $20,000 for their services. That doesn’t include all of the other fees. The average total cost for the artificial insemination program is around $40,000. The average total cost for the embryo transfer program without an egg donor is around $45,000, and around $50,000 with an egg donor. I think if you have the money and really want a child, this might be a better option than adoption because the waiting list is so long. Has anyone out their known a surrogate mother or paid someone to be a surrogate for you? If so, how was the whole experience?

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