May 29, 2008

At what age should your teen get a job??

I know when I was young, it was the “norm” for teens to get jobs at 15 and 16 years old. As a matter of fact, I couldn’t drive my car unless I had a job to put gas in it. I don’t know if kids have gotten lazy in today’s society or if we are just spoiling our children by handing over cash, but I think its time my 16 year old got a job. I’m really worried about his ambition level. He filled out a few applications about 6 months ago but, with no experience, he never received any calls back. He will be a senior next year and I don’t know what his plan is after graduation. He once spoke of going into the Military but I think that phase passed. He has talked about being a video game designer but his grades in high school aren’t the greatest. I’m not sure what to do. He hasn’t gotten his license yet so I’m not paying for insurance or gas but I think its time. Should I push the issue? My son has a pretty good head on his shoulders. He is extremely intelligent and has more common sense than most 16 year olds. His main malfunction?? His lack of ambition and the fact that he tends to be very lazy. Any suggestions and am I wrong if I push the issue?


Joseph Pulikotil said...

According to me he is quite young to start work. If he gets a job which is not too difficult, its OK. Otherwise, he should be allowed to study and do something in which he will excel later in his life. Pushing him to do anything that YOU want can lead to friction, misunderstanding and spoil the atmosphere in the house.
You can talk to him nicely and see if he wants to work. If he is not interested you should let him be for some more years.

Best wishes!

Lori said...

The only problem I can see with that is, he only has one more year left before he turns 18. He needs to understand what its like in the real world and if he wants to drive, he will have to pay for the gas. I dont want his studies to suffer so we will play it by ear but thanks for your input:)