June 1, 2008

Women and auto repair

Today I took my car in for the 5th time to Goodyear Tire to get my brakes repaired. Livid doesn't even describe what I feel about having to return my car over and over to get it done right. Most mechanics see a woman and they think instant sucker. Not this girl. I paid close to $700 dollars in November for a complete brake job, front and back. My car was fine for about 4 months. Then, the noises started. I took it back free of charge because they gave me a year warranty. They fixed the noise, it lasted 2 weeks, then it was back again. I took back again, they fixed the noise, and it lasted about 3 weeks. So, after the 3rd time back, they decided to replace my brake drums. I'm thinking, finally, my car will be fixed and I don't have to worry about a thing. Nope, no such luck. When I went down my first hill after getting the brakes done, the whole back of my car shook. By this time, I'm beside myself. I called them back (now that I know their number by heart) on Thursday to let them know the issue, AGAIN...he says bring it in on Sunday at 10am and they will fix me right up. I take time out of my busy weekend to bring it back and they didn't even have me on the schedule!!! After throwing a fit, I left the car for another 2 hour repair, so now things should be OK...allegedly. Unfortunately, I'm just waiting for the other ball the drop because I have had nothing but problems for the past 3 months. I don't know if its because I'm a woman or because they are incompetent, but I would NEVER recommend taking your car to Goodyear Tire for a brake job. It has been my worst nightmare, and I feel that if I were a man, it would have been done right the first time. Who knows. If my car isn't fixed this time, I'm reporting them to the BBB. This is ridiculous, not to mention, a waste of time over 5 separate weekends. That just goes to show, just because the business is well known doesn't make them any better than the guys that rob you in a small shop. Women beware!!

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Anonymous said...

I agree, chain type repiar shops are more likely to screw up your car up than anybody, we had a female customer that had a brake problem after having a repair done at Firestone in Portland, they had put the rotors on and the brakes squeeled because the pads were barely in contatct with the rotors and as a coutesy to her, we arranged with the shop to have it corrected, I personally determined the problem, called the manager of the store and delivered the vehicle for the corection.
I walk in and the Techs are all watching cartoons in the waiting area and at the end of the day the car is picked up with assurance that the parts were replaced and everyting was rechecked, guess what they replaced them with the wrong parts again. I figured these guys must be reatarded or something so I took it another location and got it fixed, I own an independant repair shop in Portland and we have a program for single parents.