June 12, 2008

Fathers Day for Single Mothers

For years, I have played the role of Mother and Father to my two boys. I know that Mothers Day is a day to celebrate your Mom but what about Fathers Day? I think that a parent that solely raises their child alone, without the emotional or financial help from the sperm donors or absent parent, should be acknowledged for their duel role in that child's life. I didn't understand much about football, but I tossed a ball back and forth with my son's AND attended all of their football, baseball, and soccer games. I went to Boy Scout outings and did my best to participate when a father might have been a nicer fit. I couldn't teach them how to change oil but I found someone who could. I taught them about sex from a woman's view point. They have learned how to fish,cook, mow lawns, and do laundry. What did their father teach them? How NOT to be a bad father when they have children of their own and that running from the law was bad. Those are words directly from my 16 year olds mouth. I'm not saying kudos should go out to single mothers only but with Fathers Day coming up, it made me ponder on life as a single parent. I dont think people realize how hard it is to teach a child everything from only one genders view point. My ex husband has not earned the respect to be celebrated as a Father nor should he get a father of the year award. However, that decision is up to my children. My point and the reason for this blog is to wish all of the single mothers out there, that are doing duel roles, a Happy Fathers Day. It seems only right, doesnt it? Remember, the hardships you are going thru now will pass. One day you will look back and pat yourself on the back, for not only surviving, but for doing a great job raising your kids.


Chuck said...

Lori, you definitely deserve to celebrate the day....every day. You're awesome. Go do something special. *huggies ~n lovies*

Joseph Pulikotil said...

I know how you feel.

Even Michael Jackson wants to be honoured on Mother's Day!

Best wishes!