June 24, 2008


The experts say you need closure from one relationship before you can move forward. Do you think its true? It may make you feel better, like you’ve closed the door, but do you REALLY feel like you’ve moved on just because you or someone else made that choice for you? I guess if you are the one that has made the decision it may be easier to consider it closure, but what if you are on the receiving end? Does having someone say it’s over make it hurt any less? I don’t think so. I have put an end to previous relationships, making the move towards closure, and then ended up getting back together. In reality though I guess the door wasn’t shut completely if I opened it and let them back in again. It made the whole process incomplete. In death, a funeral is supposed to be your way of paying your last respects. An ending to a relationship that once was and truely will never be again. Although, I can honestly say, I never got over the death of my grandfather, even after the funeral. He died almost 10 years ago. I haven’t visited the grave site since we buried him because that would make it real. I just don’t think I could see his name on a tombstone. Even now, it would crush me. Closure means different things to different people. Some need it, others don’t. It works for some, but not everyone. I think it’s a healthy process in life that we must go thru to move on. This isn’t just in relationships but things in our life that end….do you need closure or is it safe to just make the decision and move on? Wait, is making the decision actually the closure? Hmmmmm……it makes you wonder.

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