June 4, 2008

TT #64

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13 things people shouldn’t have to deal with.

1. Someone making you feel inferior.

2. A person with a chip on their shoulder determined to ruin your day. Try smiling at them.

3. Salesmen that don’t take no for an answer.

4. Bill collectors.

5. Cheaters.

6. Teenagers with foul mouths. Im sorry, thats unacceptable. Show some respect.

7. People that don’t know how to control their children in public.

8. Jerks that steal your parking spot.

9. The price of gasoline going over $4.00 dollars a gallon. Come on guys, give me a break!!

10. PMS

11. Being judged for not being perfect.

12. Being hungry and homeless in our country while we are sending financial aide overseas.

13. Customer service people that cant speak English very well. Especially when they work for your bank.


Sue said...

Agreed!! All of those things suck, and we would be a lot happier without them :)

Happy TT!!! My list is up here:

My Life In The Urban Zoo

SandyCarlson said...

I agree, too. I would add: People who don't look you in the eye when they talk to you.

Open Grove Claudia said...

Yep, yep, yep! Can we add liars or people who say what you WANT to hear but not the truth? grrrrrrrrr I love your honesty and your level of personal responsibility. It's very refreshing to me.

Happy TT.

Di said...

Judgment has been a huge issue for me lately...I've been around too many people judging too many other people. And now I guess I'm judging them for judging others!

Christopher said...

People shouldn't have to eat ice cream without warm custard either. It's almost criminal.

Lizzybeth said...

You get an "amen!" from me on this one. Happy TT.

oakling said...

i hear that! on the bright side, I've found that what eleanor roosevelt (i think!) said about no one being able to make me feel inferior without my consent is true.... when someone is "making me feel" bad about myself, it's usually because I am shaming myself, deep down - being the mean person from #11 and judging myself for not being perfect, often without even realizing it!

I especially hate when kids are running wild and it's either obviously because the parents don't care one bit about setting boundaries or paying attention to their kids - OR when the parents (either right up front or after ignoring them for a while) get mad and just start yelling or yanking the kids around or even spanking or hitting them. right there in public. Like... that's why the kid is acting out in the first place!

and on top of another one: PMS is bad but even worse, maybe, is the way that doctors just blow it off. I've read a lot of alternative medicine stuff that talks about how PMS tells us really important things about what is missing in our diet or wrong with our bodies otherwise - it's not supposed to feel bad like that. But there's so little information about it in the mainstream, and so much of the time women just suffer and suffer and are told to expect to continue to suffer.

A lot of the things on this list remind me of my emotional abuse cheat sheet that i blogged about here... especially the judging and shaming stuff.

that was before I had thursday thirteen or I might have made it into a thirteen-item list ;)

this time I wrote about 13 ways that i have fun! and some of the journey that got me to them, sort of.

(and someone at work told me that they're predicting gas will be up to $6 by december... wtf?!)

oakling said...

boo, i forgot to subscribe to comments. now i am!

Anonymous said...

I agree - #3 especially! Happy T13 :)

Anonymous said...

Oh what a great list! I agree with all of them! I absolutely HATE when people who are having a bad day try to make my day bad--how rude!

Thanks for sharing these. It actually brightened my day, oddly enough!

Happy TT!

storyteller said...

Amen to this list!
Hugs and blessings,

Janet said...

hear, hear!!! Well said :-)

Crazy Working Mom said...

What an absolutely PERFECT list! Agreed...1-13!!!

Happy TT, my friend and thanks for stopping by my place.

Darla said...

You're right. People shouldn't have to deal with those things.

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Good points, all. But it takes all kinds to make the world, so better people we can walk away from than people we're stuck with!

Lori said...

Um-huh, I see a lot my pet peeves on this list too. #3, #4, and #7 really stand out. But #9 and #12 truly make my head spin.

Michelle said...

I totally agree with everyone one on your list. Ugggg, sales people. They drive me nuts!! Great list. Happy TT. Thanks for visiting.

Playful Professional said...

I agree. I hate all of these things but mostly when people make you feel inferior. I had a conversation about this with my hubby yesterday and told him how I just don't understand how anyone can talk down to anyone else. You just don't ever know enough about that person. Everyone has their own talents, skills, personality quirks, etc. that we are all on the same level somehow.

Surfergirl said...

i see a lot of my personal annoyances in your list as well. we certainly could do without, or less of them!

Melanie said...

All of those things definitely suck. And soon we'll be saying "gas that costs more than $5.00 per gallon."

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The Gal Herself said...

I'm dealing with #10 right now (BIG TIME!) so I thank you for reminding me of #12. We should each do what we can. (Thanks for visiting my TT)

Alice Audrey said...

Run into all that in one day and you've got the ultimate bad day.

Tink said...

I kept knodding yes while reading, great list!
Thanks for visiting my goddess sign TT.

Ivette said...

Happy Thursday 13! Love the list and I have that those are things that people really shouldn't have to deal with and we would be a lot happier without them too. Hope to see you at my 4th edition about Kerrelyn Sparks at Talk About My Favorite Authors blog.

Denise Patrick said...

For #13 - not only your bank, but your cable company, your computer company, your electric company, you name it. . .It's very frustrating sometimes.

Great TT!

Sharon said...

I agree with everything on your list!

It seems to all go together. Ridiculous bill collectors that call, trying to make us feel inferior, making us feel judged, etc. As if THEY are so perfect!

I hope you're having an OK evening. :)

Nicole Austin said...

Yes, all of those and people who talk or text on cell phones while driving.

Anonymous said...

I walk away when salesmen get pushy. It usually works.

Joseph Pulikotil said...

Salesmen are also people like you and me. They are doing this job because they are not as lucky as you are. They have a target to achieve. They have families to support at home. Most companies will not exist without salesmen because salesmen bring in the orders and cash. Without orders and cash the companies will close down and most of us will be without jobs and income to support ouselves and our families. If you tell them politely and firmly that you are not interested they will not trouble you. I am quite certain of that.

Petrol prices are going up because you and me are using more and more petrol without any control. People who have one car buy a second car and those who have two cars buy five cars and so on. People don't want to walk even short distances. Petrol supply is limited and if the demand exceeds supply, the price will automatically go up. This is simple economics.

As regards people who can't speak English properly in the customer care department, you should appreciate them because they are most probably speaking a language alien to them. Their original mother tongue could be different. Have you tried learning their language?

All sorts of people live in this wonderful world and they are all creatures of God. Who are we to criticise them? Today we are here tomorrow we are gone. If you point out one finger at someone, three fingers are are pointing at you!

These are different view points out of the thirteen you have mentioned. I fully agree with you regarding the rest.

Have a bright and beautiful day!