May 22, 2008

Should you keep them?

The last time I moved, I went thru boxes and boxes of old memories and pictures from my past. I understand keeping high school stuff, to a point. What about pictures of your ex's?? Whether they be boyfriends/girlfriends, husbands or wives? I know it is a link to your past but should you really revisit that part of your life once you've moved on? I have alot of pictures with an ex boyfriend I was with for 8 years but alot of them have my children in them. I dont look at them often but Im not sure I want to get rid of them either. Is there a guideline to follow?? If the guy isnt in your life long, does that mean you throw them out with yesterdays mail? I mean, if he was in your life for less than a year...does it really count? Pictures can bring back bad memories as well as good ones. The things we go thru shape us into who we have become today. Whether that is good or bad depends on the person and the situation. Maybe they should all go in a box marked ex's. If you dont have the urge to look in that box for any given time, it should just be thrown away. Although, when Im old and grey, I might want something to help me remember my life. Im very torn on this subject. Any suggestions? Should the things from our past be left in the past or are there exceptions to the rule?

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Chris said...

Good Morning, I used to keep everything and I mean everything! Not anymore. Okay, I still have my High School pictures, but that was my first love :). I just ended a 4 year relationship and it took me a few months, but I deleted everything; all email, all chat messages, all gone. Oh, I did save the Germany CD pictures tho, as they mostly have scenery and no people in them :)
So good luck in your decision. Its a hard one especially if the kids are in some of them, but then have other pics of the kids too, right/ XO

The Gal Herself said...

I keep everything. I have a big box in my closet christened "The Boyfriend Box." I only take it out to add it to it, never look over the contents, and yet, I like knowing it's all there. It's a comfort. Whatever you do, it's a very personal decision. Like you said, no guidelines. No rules. Keep 'em, toss 'em -- depends on what feels right for YOU.