September 11, 2008

Emotional abuse

Although emotional abuse is often not as easy to define as sexual or physical violence, it's quite serious, and it can be just as devastating as other types of abuse. It includes a wide variety of destructive behaviors, ranging from name calling to financial deprivation, to verbal threats and manipulation. Emotional abuse is often continual, consistent, and, over time, can work to destroy someones self-esteem. It's similar to brainwashing. If anything is done or said over and over again, you end up feeling like you either deserve the abuse or you're just as worthless as they say you are. Sometimes people who are being emotionally abused grew up in an abusive family. It can be hard for someone who hasn't been abused to understand how people can stay in harmful relationships. But, if a child grows up in a family that uses name calling and put downs, they may seek out the familiarity of abusive partners as a source of security because that is all they know.

You don't hear about emotional abuse as much as physical because you cant see the scar's. Many woman who seem powerful in their every day life have fallen victim to men who want to dominate strong women by tearing them down. Why do they stay? That's a good question. I think its a trait that is learned over time stemming from relationships you have grown up with. Your first love can start this dangerous trend and follow you into adulthood. We are only victims if we let ourselves be. Don't let someone else dictate how you feel about yourself. Easier said than done? Yep, as the voice of experience, overcoming someones else opinion of you can be a hard task to do but it isn't impossible. You just have to love you. Any other survivors out there?

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TorAa said...

First of all: Excuse my lack of the English language to express my honest comment to what you here have pin pointet so clear (except what is a tabu: People have different IQ, to be short). Your effort with your blog is important. I wish I had time to bring your clear thoughts also to Europe.
Here, in Europe, most people think - oh you should have known : The State will take care of us.

Well, they State pays, and so what?

--- I would have wanted to give you a more seriuous comment,but I must go to bed - it'd 2:43 AM.

give greetings to your mama in the windy city

hugs from Norway