September 29, 2008


Do you remember your first love? The guy/girl that stole your heart and gave you goose bumps when you were together? How do you explain love and heartache to your child? I remember in high school, everything revolved around boys. Your first date, kiss, and sexual encounter. As a parent, how do you step back and let your child take that leap without having a net to catch them when they fall? My oldest fell in love at 15. We would battle constantly over computer and phone time as the world stopped if he wasnt either talking to her via phone or conversing over the computer with Debbie. Relationships end but seeing my son go thru the pain for heartache was pretty hard to take. I can remember him sulking around the house carrying that stupid phone. He looked like a lost puppy dog on the verge of tears. I explained to him that it was going to be OK, this wasn't the only girl he would love in his life, and that time heals all wounds. His response, "I know Mom but I just wish she would CALLLLLLLLL"....I wanted to cry. It finally ended 2 years down the road but not without alot of tears,heartache, and multiple break ups.

We as parents can only teach our children what we know. At some point, you have to step back and let them deal with things as a person. Ive had my heart broken more than once and Ive done the breaking a couple of times myself. In the end, you just have to learn from your mistakes and grow from the experience. You can tell your child until your blue in the face that love hurts sometimes and that heartache is real, but until they experience it on their own, what you say to them is only words. My youngest son is a little slower getting started on the love front and I must say, I'm a bit thankful for that. Maybe the girl he's been holding out for will be the one he lives happily ever after with. Ya, I know, the chances of that are slim but a mother can dream, cant she?

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