February 15, 2008

Are fears of single parents the same as non-single parents?

That’s an interesting question. I think on a few levels, yes. Being a parent is a scary thing. When a baby is crying and you don’t know why, that’s a parenting thing. When you’re dealing with it on your own and don’t get a break, that’s a single parenting thing. Kids are hard creatures to understand. I had a little help with both of my children when they were babies because I didn’t leave my husband until my youngest was almost 2. It’s nice to have someone else to lean on when times get tough and to console you when you’re upset. In looking back, I often wonder how I did it. I think the biggest thing you need to do is establish a routine. Kids do very well when they are in a structured environment. For example, eating at the same time, taking a bath and going to bed at the same time, really helps to get them on a schedule. Kids don’t come with manuals but wouldn’t that be great? No two children are alike. What works for one rarely works for the other. It’s all about trial and error. I think that whether you are a single parent or just a parent in general, raising children can be a scary reality. It’s a little easier when you understand what they want but under age 2 and after age12 (gotta love those teenagers), you’re really in the dark. So, I guess the answer to that question is yes. Being a parent is scary no matter what the circumstance is, however, its very rewarding. I know as a single parent you experience more guilt than a non-single parent but that’s to be expected. Don’t over compensate for an absent parent. Just be open and honest and do the best job you can. There is no such thing as a perfect parent. As soon as you realize that, the rest is a piece of cake (Ya Right!).

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pooja said...

nice article:)
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yes you are right Parenting especially single parenting children is a tough task in todays world which has evolved into a complex theatre of melodrama, competition and excitement.