February 2, 2008

The Sheer Cover Makeup company are crooks!!

Have any of you ever bought anything from a TV commercial?? I did and I was robbed! I was watching a commercial for Sheer Cover Makeup last Saturday. They had an introductory offer of $9.95 to try their make up, so I ordered it. I just received it today and there was a bill attached for $116.00 dollars for what they shipped me. When I called and spoke to Michelle at the company, she said that she knows it says $9.95 but that is was not true. Since the order wasnt shipped from their warehouse, they didnt offer that special and that she was sorry it didnt state the actual amount. She then tried to sell me another kit for $29.95. I was told I had 30 days to try it and send it back before the next payment of $30.00 dollars was charged to my account. I am pissed!! This is false advertising and I plan on reporting them to the Better Business Bureau. How can anyone get away with this?? I want to send a message out to women everywhere, dont get sucked in by this companies phony promises. Its a typical bait and switch accompanied by a blatant lie. Please pass the word...THE SHEER COVER MAKEUP COMPANY are crooks. Shame on you for taking advantage of a single mother!! Im shipping it back on Monday but guess who is out $26.18?? And I got NOTHING for my money. If any of you have the same issue with this company or another company, you can file a complaint at this link to the Better Business Bureau.

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Chuck said...

it's me, Rhonda (p/k/a rnning2wn2)! i'm so with you. i ordered a sample of something on the internet and they charged me $149!!!! when i contacted them (which could only be thru this stupid internet site) they said i ordered a supply -- that i had clicked on a link of some kind, and i didn't. i've been so mad, i haven't been able to do anything about it, 'cause every time i think about it, i get sick to my stomach. i honestly am not sure what i can do. bbb is a good idea. disputing the charge on my card -- thought about it. haven't done it. wanted to blog about it as well, but so darned frustrated!! hang in there. this too shall pass.

come by and see my new me. it'll cheer you up. i'm sure of it.

crazy working mom said...

Hmmm...that doesn't sound good! Thanks for the head's up. Maybe they'll make it good for you.

thecabinet said...
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Anonymous said...

I too have had problems with this company. I ordered it for the $30. They made me set up to recieve more makeup automatically with many different options to choose from. I chose to recieve it every 3 months. I started recieving it every 3 weeks. I called and canceled everything and had to send it back. On top of all of this the makeup caused weird bumps on my skin. They weren't red, nor were they break outs. Just flesh colored bumps which disappeared when I stopped using the product. I at least they refunded me my money from the additional shipments. Never again!

Anonymous said...

This is the message that I sent to Sheer Cover, Guthy-Renker and Leeze Gibbons, et al:
I have been DUPED by your Company. You ought to be ashamed of yourselves. With my initial order of Sheer Cover, I received a statement saying that the next shipment would be sent AROUND 3/10/08. I called your company TODAY 3/08/08 and found that a kit was shipped on yesterday 3/07/08 for $100 or a 3 month supply of your product that does not work for my skin tone. Leeza Gibbons should be ashamed of herself for participating in a business with such shoddy business practices and to lend her name to such a sham as this. Nowhere within visible sight in your literature does it state when you say that the intro price of $29.95 is a "locked in fee" that I will be charged 3X that amount for a three month supply within 30 days of the initial intro package. Who the hell do you think could use up that much product in such a short 30 day period of time? I will not accept it once it arrives. But, in the meantime, I'm out $100 for up to 4-6 weeks before this amount is credited back to me. You have caused me unnecessary overdraft and bank fees that I cannot afford and will now be penalized for because I took you at your word and believed this statement about not receiving another shipment until 3/10/08 was genuine. How DARE YOU!!! I will complain to Guthy-Renker, Infomercial Scams.Com and the President if I have to and anyone else who will listen in order to prevent anybody else from going through this nightmare as I am now.
I never wish to be contacted by you, your agents or anyone affiliated with SHEER COVER now or in the future and am, by way of this e-mail CANCELING this account effective IMMEDIATELY. You're a despicable company/organization. I'm sorry I ever tried to do business with you and will never trust anything affiliated with Guthy-Renker again.
By the way, my name is Sharon L. and my Sheer Cover account number is ------------------.
P.S. to anyone who is interested, Leeza Gibbons' e-mail address is leeze@leezagibbons.com we should flood her in-box with all of our complaints not success stories!!!

Lori said...

Wow, thanks for your input. I will be be sure to e-mail Leeza Gibbson about the crooks she supports. Its a bunch of crap and I was only reimbursed 18.95. They shouldnt be able to get away with this. Whats it going to take to get them out of business?? Im still pissed!!

Anonymous said...
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Jennifer said...

I will actually be writing Sheer Cover my story in an attempt to make them acknowledge the difficulties they have provided women

Here's my story its quite long....

Back in August 2007,
I had tried the Sheer Cover kit 30 day money back guarantee with the hope that I could finally wear “healthy” makeup that would hide your flaws without being cakey, just like a lot of other women I’m sure thought the same thing. I tried the product but found that it simply was not going to work for me. The product had claimed so many things yet it failed when put to the test. The only good things were the great brushes I was able to keep when I returned the kit. I will not be defending this product other than it may work on someone else's skin better than it did on mine. That may be true. But the complaints against the company far outnumber the defenses. If it worked out well for you, then you got lucky. This company has bad business ethics no matter how well your experiences with them went.
I sent it back in the allotted timeframe and even paid a little extra to have a delivery confirmation receipt. I waited, and waited and finally checked on my delivery confirmation and saw that it had been delivered to their “Warehouse”. I called asking about when I should expect my money back and they said that they didn’t receive it yet however that may be because sometimes it takes them awhile to locate it in the warehouse and enter in the returned product to issue a refund. I was told 4-6 weeks for a refund. I was appalled but decided to be patient; it was only $17.86.
However getting my refund back proved to be like pulling teeth. As it turns out…my refund never came….and there had been a few times when I really needed that $17 but I waited it out. As a result if they had deposited the money into my account when they said they would I wouldn’t have bounced a check and wouldn’t have acquired the non-sufficient fees that I did. $210.00 worth.
I finally called in late October and was told that my refund would appear in my account “any day now”. Well it didn’t so I called again and again and was finally told that they had mixed up my account with another account I had with Guthy-Renker where I still had a balance. I even told the lady I was speaking to that I didn’t care if they put my refund as a credit on the other account as long as it was going somewhere. After she checked with a supervisor she said they would finally take care of this and put it back on my debit card in no time. I remember asking her if this would be the last time I would have to call and she told me yes. Okay so I thought I’d have victory once and for all in a matter of days. This was back in mid-November.
So by late December I was more than a little peeved with this company when my refund had not shown up. So I called again and yelled my whole story at the poor customer service rep that was unfortunate enough to take my call that day. Yet this time I was told my credit had been posted to my account on Dec 10th . I told him he was mistaken because it never showed in my account. So he put me on hold to talk to someone smarter than he was to determine what had happened. After being on hold for awhile he came back on and STILL told me it had posted in my account and that I needed to call my bank. So I did. Even my bank said that it hadn’t posted so they put in a claim. I immediately called Sheer Cover and told them that I put out a claim and that they needed to refund me pronto.
Because of the non-sufficient funds I had acquired previously due to the credit not showing up I later found those funds back in my account along with the temporary $17.86 in February 2008.
Unfortunately, the claim went over 60 days and Sheer Cover had yet to refund me therefore in April the bank took back out of my account the $210.00 and the $17.86. Right when rent was due of all things. I was told to contact Sheer Cover again and when they posted my refund to my account to call the bank back and the funds would be refunded to my account.
Two weeks ago I called Sheer Cover and the person I spoke to this time told me that my debit card had been kicked of the computer system back in September so that was why I wasn’t getting credited!
I provided him my card and was told yet again I would receive my refund in 3-5 business days. SO six business days later I called and complained that I still had not received it. They basically told me to be patient!
It did finally post the next day. But only $9.88 of the full $17.86. It was minus the shipping and handling of $7.95 because that is considered a miscellaneous charge and was sent by check.
I spoke to my bank and they said that MAYBE it would still count if I deposited the check and then called and have someone in the Claims Department verify the check was from Sheer Cover and part of that refund and see if I am eligible for the $210.00.
So as of April 14, 2008 I’m still waiting now for a check Sheer Cover told me they sent for $7.95 so that I can put this whole mess behind me and have the $210.00 I deserve for their lack of customer service back in my account. I should be compensated for this whole ordeal. I’ve never had the experience of fighting for my money back as vehemently as with this company. They either have hired the most unknowledgeable incompetent customer service reps out there or their computer system is too complicated for even them to understand. They should send letters apologizing for the bad business practice and customer service and along with that they should award compensation for cases that went over a period of several months and past their “guarantee” timeframe.
Hope that I don’t have to wait too much longer……We’ll see…
I have since filed a complaint with the BBB.
Thank you!
Jennifer Clark
AKA Pissed off Mama

Phyllis said...

I ordered the 30-day trial kit for $30 (plus S & H) Saturday 5/10/08 while watching TV. I then decided to (out of curiosity) search what was out on the web concerning the make-up. Man....What Horror Stories! Wish I had read your site before placing my order. I immediately called customer service to cancel the order before it shipped. I was sternly told that they could not locate my order on the system as it would take 12 - 24 hours before it showed up. I asked them to cancel it NOW before it even shipped out. I finally hung up on them. I called back on Sunday morning and went through the whole process again. The Rep told me that she could not locate my account on the system and that it usually took "72 hours" to show up on the system!
I hung up on her! Then on Monday morning (5/12) I called and talked with a Rep named "Shirley" who so unkindly told me that my account was not showing up yet in the system. She also stated that when I placed the order.....it went immediately to the warehouse for shipment and could not be stopped. Now.....how is it that an order was immediately shipped (on the weekend!) that cannot even be found in the computer system????! She said I would have to wait and receive the shipment....don't open it...and return it at MY expense! I guess my next nightmare will be stopping all the future shipment that they will try to continue to add to my account! I REALLY screwed up!

Anonymous said...

If you return shipments to SHEER COVER, be sure to get confirmation. They just turned me over to a COLLECTION AGENCY even though I HAVE PROOF via a phone call with the account specialist that they got my package back. warehouse.

I got a shipment in last December, closed my my account in January 2009. I had hubby mail the package back in March.

I have never gotten any bills about this shipment.

Just got a phone call from an abusive collection agency telling me Guthy-Renker Corporation - SHEER COVER turned me over because I had an outstanding bill of 97.00.

I was flabbergasted! I told her I had sent it back unopened and would not pay for it. She said I still had to pay. I told her I would never pay the bill. She hung up on me.

I called SHEER COVER immediately at 800-506-6281 and spoke with a women with such a stong SPANISH accent, I could not understand her. Because of the language barrier, I asked to speak with a supervisor. She hung up on me.

I called back and talked with WALT. He said my package WAS RECIEVED on March 27th but I'd still have to pay!!! He said because they recieved it outside the return policy date.

I disputed this. I said you got it back, unopened in good condition which he agreed with. He would NOT take this off my record. I told him if he could not do it to transfer me to a supervisor.

I then spoke with KATHY, an Accounts Specialist. She confirmed they got the package back on March 27th. She also said "supposedly" I had been sent 5 bills from December 12 when it was shipped. I told her I had never gotten a single bill.

I am astounded. I closed my account in January, sent back the package inopened and never got a single bill from this company. BLAM-O, I get a nasty collection agency call from 866-281-4135 and this is the first I've heard of this.

They got the package back UNOPENED and they can just ship it off right now to someone else. This is LOUSY CUSTOMER SERVICE. You'd think they would cut me slack. This is LOUSY.

I don't even have a jobbut that is NOT the point. They got it back, they can send it to another customer and I feel I've been ripped off. They keep the make up and I pay for what?? Thin air? I don't need the stuff.

This company has NO COMPASSION. Do not EVER buy anything from Guthy-Renker Corporation - SHEER COVER. Take it from me.

Anonymous said...

hi, I just want to know, what did all of you do to stop them sending the order? what happened at the end?

Anonymous said...

I'm in the same boat with you, Meaningful Beauty Sheer Cover Make- up and Gunthy-Renker are total idiots, I ordered introductory offer, returned it, got proof of delivery and cancelled and closed account. I have sent them proof of delivery and copies of my 30 plus e-mails about this situation.

They are dunning me for shipments they claim they made, that were never received by me or my postoffice, the latest being phone calls from 866-281-4135.

What we need is a class action suit against Cindy Crawford, Meaningful Beauty and Gunther-Renker.

How do you get thru to these idiots ????

Anonymous said...

Just happened to me too. Ordered the initial trial set for around $30 & just received an email from paypal stating that I authorized another payment for right under $100. I'm sure it was in the fine print somewhere, but I certainly didn't see it or make any selections for more shipments & was caught completely off guard. I just had a very intense conversation with a poor representative for the company & his supervisor who said she would "try" to stop the payment from processing, but "can't guarantee it", but my bank will guarantee it when I dispute it with them tomorrow. And I will inform the better business bureau. If everyone else does, too, I'm sure it will be checked into at the very least.

Lori said...

I sent my stuff back the minute I got it unopened. Then, I called to cancel their agreement and filed a dispute with my credit card company against them. It worked.

Lenny said...

please beware! my husband had to argue/"translate" to some outsourced company sales rep. in India because he found an internet site that said they could do a title search on a chevrolet by way of the vin #. $2.95 was the "ONLY" charge stated. yeah. sure enough, on our next month's bank statement there was a $29.95 charge that was from that charge forward going to be auto deducted every month, for any further title searches we might need. REALLY? the site did have a disclaimer we later found with the help of a magnifying glass in such fine print only superman could have initally seen it. the internet is a very helpful and convenient tool for the most part but the last few years it has been used as a scam weapon more and more than a help. I, my husband, and our 22 year old are done with certain "social" sites due to constant pop-up's, half-truth ad's, and individuals as well as companies and industries looking for a "Like-Us" clicks, for what reason I'm still unsure. I mean does it really benefit me, my family and our small rural community that much if we "like" star-kissed tuna, or swiffer wet jet? our 18 year old is coming out of the teenage "coma" and sees it as well. he agrees also that all this fairly new, exciting, and recent access to anything and everything comes increasingly more each day with a privacy and "gotch-ya" risk. what was originally meant to bring us all closer and make life easier has basically just driven us apart, gotten us to talk face to face less, caused chaos, anger and many mis-understandings, and too much unnecessary stress and frustration.I end my warning, rant and rave with this. in 1977 as an 8 year old one thing that my grand-father used to tell me now and then still rings true: Lenny, always believe only half of what you see and none of what you hear... Well wishes to all.