February 19, 2008

A great way to earn a couple bucks

As I gathered all of my cans and plastic bottles today, I grunted and groaned. Collecting them isn't the hard part, its finding time to cash them in. I have been doing this for many years and its a great way to earn a couple bucks. Heck, you spend enough on groceries, why throw away what you can get back? As a single mother, you try to cut corners where you can. I have found that when you need a few things from the store, in between pay periods, turning in your recyclables is a great way to get a gallon of milk, some toilet paper, and a loaf of bread. Its not rocket science and its great for the environment. I don't understand how people can throw their cans and bottles away when it only takes 2 seconds to store them in a bag or can designated for this kind of stuff. You can save them up for months or weeks. Either way, no matter how much you have accumulated, you are guaranteed to get some money back!! Ya, its a pain in the butt to package them up and drive to a recycle location, and yes you tend to get soda all over your hands leaving them very sticky, but the reward is extra cash in your pocket. What you need to do is change your mind set. Don't see it as a chore, think of it more as an investment in your cupboards.

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Chuck said...

Oh gosh. I hadn't even tho't about turning them in for cash! Years ago, yes, but not recently. I am just proud of myself for placing them in the proper bin! Thx for the tip and hope you're doing well.

No Nonsense Girl said...

I always give them to one of my neighbor who I think needs them more than I do. That gives her a few $$ she can spend without the approval of her control freak hubby!


Cheerio said...

That's a great idea.